Ning Pei

Ning Pei '13

High School: Concordia Academy, High School Attached to Tsinghua University

Beijing, China

Growth and Structure of Cities

Association of International Student, VITA certified volunteer, IMPACT, Community Diversity Assistant, Chinese tutor

: architecture, travelling, music, tap dance, tennis, reading

: Geneva Global

I had a great internship experience with Geneva Global(GG) this past summer. Geneva Global is one of the world’s leading advisory service providers in international philanthropy. During my internship, I worked with GG's marketing/business development division and I was highly involved with tasks related to the Gates Foundation--one of the clients that GG works closely with. With this, I researched on media opportunities for the purpose of outreaching, I worked on GG's photo assets for marketing portfolios. One of the main interests of the Gates Foundation is global health related philanthropic projects. Therefore, I also spent plenty of my time compiling and summarizing reports on diseases such as Polio, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Dengue and etc.
It was truly an interesting experience to work in a small agency with many different responsibilities. And it was a rewarding experience as I learned a lot about philanthropic advising as well as knowledge on public health, which I possibly would never have a chance to.

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