Rebecca Joseph ‘13


High School: Dana Hall School

Hometown: Wellesley, MA

Major: undeclared but most likely Biology and Spanish

Activities: Soccer, Club Hockey

Interests: Biology, Medicine, Latin American culture and history, sports, hiking and outdoor activities

Internship: Project Supervisor for Amigos de las Americas in Cotopaxi, Ecuador

This summer I was a Project Supervisor for Amigos de las Americas on the brand new project in Cotopaxi Ecuador. I was a member of a nine person staff team that worked to support 60 volunteers throughout a six week project. Personally, I supervised eleven volunteers that were spread out in groups of two or three in four different communities. Before the volunteers arrived I visited each community for a day and night to conduct a community survey and gather as much information about the town as possible. While the volunteers were in community I visited each partnership once a week to help them facilitate projects and check in with the host families and other community members. The volunteers spent the summer living in the communities, learning about the local life, conducting classes for children five days a week for two hours a day about youth leadership and rights, the environment, health, and creative expression. Each community also submitted a proposal to do a small community development project. The projects ranged from organizing a cultural festival to building a house for communal sheep. My role was to act as a support system for the volunteers and to be the main contact between volunteers, project staff, our partner agency contacts, and community members.

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