Roselyn Appenteng '13


High School: Wesley Girls' High School

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Major: undeclared Chemistry

Activities: Bryn Mawr Aftrican and Caribbean Sudents' Organization (BACaSO), Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Minority Association of Premed Students, Student Consultant for Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI), Belmont Mentoring Program, Tutoring

Interests: Healthcare, Education, Reading, Soccer, Art

Internship: Lourdes Center for Public Health

My Hepburn intership at Lourdes' Summer Institute opened my understanding of Healthcare as well as the importance of Public Health policies. My project "The Prepare for Surgery Class" gave me the opportunity to observe the holistic nature of medicine. As part of my project, I created educational materials on different surgeries for the class as part of the process of changing the brand of the program. I was exposed to different fields of interest in medicine and leart the need for Health Literacy; making patient's navigational process in the healthcare system as easy as possible. I learnt many important skills and met different people working within the healthcare system. This experience reinforced the idea of the intricate nature and the varying skills required for a productive healthcare system. Through our weekly discussion meetings on issues mostly centered in the public health domain, I was enlightened on different issues such as culltural competency in hospitals as well as the general health disparities in the healthcare system. I spent my last week working with a pediatrician. This experience revealed the dynamic nature of pediatric medicine as I observed the varied skills the pediatrician used in observing and treating children while providing relevant information to the parents who were mostly Spanish-speaking. This internship will serve as a good foundation for future exploration within the healthcare delivery system.

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