Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper '12

High School: Phillips Exeter Academy

: Fremont, NH

Major: East Asian Studies

Activities: Ardmore Community Tutoring

: Movies, Puzzles, Bright Colors

Film Production Intern, Parent Earth

At Parent Earth, I not only learned the basics of working at a small production company, but also had the opportunity to work with dedicated and passionate filmmakers. Parent Earth is a website based company that creates videos promoting healthy eating to parents. I came into this internship with very limited knowledge of the healthy food movement. My education at Parent Earth focused on the film aspects of the company, but through our daily communal lunches and afternoon chocolate cravings I began to learn more about my own role within this movement. My internship at Parent Earth included editing several short videos, assisting in managing the website, and numerous other short projects. Working at Parent Earth was definitely not entirely what I was expecting, but it was an experience the opened doors to many aspects of filmmaking that I had yet to experience.  

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