Akua Peprah ‘09


High School: SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Major: French/Economics

Activities: BACaSO (Bryn Mawr African and Caribbean Student Organization), LEAP (Leadership Empowerment & Advancement Program), Receptionist at Wyndham Alumnae House.

Interests: Reading, teaching, education, social justice issues, politics

Internship: TransAfrica Forum

My reasons for coming to Bryn Mawr College have evolved over the years. I was instantly drawn to Bryn Mawr because of its student run campus. Most of the activities, clubs and organizations are initiated and run by Bryn Mawr women. It has always been inspiring to know that women from all over the world have come together based on a common goal to create an enriching and intellectual community. As the years passed, I have enjoyed being at Bryn Mawr because of the honest dialogues I have had and continue to have with my peers, staff members and professors on a wide variety of issues ranging from racism to the Darfur crisis. Moments like these have helped shape my interests and passions. Working at TransAfrica Forum was not any different from being at Bryn Mawr. Once again I was surrounded by very passionate and dedicated people. I learnt from TransAfrica Forum that activism groups play a very important role in changing policies and though you may not see a change today you are laying in place the foundations for the change tomorrow.

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Hepburn Center 2008 Summer Interns

Akua Peprah