Ashley Mallon ‘09


High School: Ellis School

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Spanish

Activities: Art Club, Haffner Dining Hall Supervisor, One World, BMC Greens

Interests: Empowering Learners Program, Hafffner Dining Hall Supervisor, One World, BMC Greens

Internship: Helping to organize the new Bozeman Birth Center and sitting in on two midwives daily activities: Bozeman, MT

I would have to say that this summer was the best one I’ve experienced. I got the opportunity to live in Bozeman, Montana with all the beautiful mountains and rivers while at the same time experiencing midwifery firsthand. Two midwives generously took me into their practice for the summer where I was able to see all prenatal and post partum visits. I learned how to take blood pressures of the expectant mothers, locate the position of the unborn child and to find the fetal heart rate. I learned about the different ways midwives manage pain in labor as well as to help fix most physical ailments using herbs instead of drugs. I was also privileged enough to be asked to attend a birth, probably the most eye opening situation in which I’ve ever been. In return for all the knowledge they shared with me, I helped to set up some new filing systems on the computer for the Birth Center they were in the process of opening. Overall, it was an amazing experience and helped me to decide how to take all of the information I will have learned here at Bryn Mawr and apply it in a position where I will be able to help amazing women as a midwife.

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Hepburn Center 2008 Summer Interns

Ashley Mallon