Francesca Marangell ‘09


High School: The Waring School

Hometown: Manchester, MA

Major: Biology and Art History (and Pre-med)

Activities: Tour Guide Coordinator, Tour Guide, Hall Advisor, Volunteer Head of the Pre-med club, Research in a Biology lab.

Interests: Medicine, Public health, Yoga

Internship: Project HEALTH. I worked at the Boston Medical Center in an OB/GYN clinic at a social service resource desk serving women in poverty.

I love being a student at Bryn Mawr for so many reasons. I love the beautiful buildings and the rigorous classes. I love how Bryn Mawr offers its students trust, which enables us the freedom to shape our collegiate experience in so many diverse ways. Every Bryn Mawr experience is different and the power to personalize that time is given to every student. Bryn Mawr allowed me to explore my interests no matter how divergent or disconnected. I can be an art historian and a scientist all at once. In the spirit of merging interests, I worked at a non-profit organization this summer called Project HEALTH that strives to fuse public health issues and access to social resources with health care providers and health centers. Health is a broad term that doesn’t stop when you leave the doctor’s office.

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Hepburn Center 2008 Summer Interns

Francesca Marangell