Rachel Park ‘10


High School: Newton North High School

Hometown: Newton, MA

Major: History/Classical Studies

Activities: Features staff writer for The Bi-Co News, participant in the Social Justice Pilot Program, Belmont Charter School mentor, 85 Broads and BMC Dems member

Interests: Modern art and photography, American studies, classical mythology, museums

Internship: National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Being a student at Bryn Mawr, I have felt very connected to alums because of the common understanding that we have gone through the same traditions and rigorous academics. I love to learn and challenge myself, and it is refreshing to be around students who also immerse themselves in that kind of environment. The College urges us to set high goals and expectations for ourselves, and to constantly question, analyze, and interpret. In that niche, students learn to take initiative and try many different activities. At the National Portrait Gallery, I worked on the beginning stages of an exhibit on 1920s-1950s Hollywood glamour. I analyzed fan magazines, books, and newspapers that focused on the stars and the enormous influence that they had on the general public. I realized how much time and research it takes to curate an exhibit, and how complicated that process can be. I have gained invaluable knowledge and insight during my time at Bryn Mawr. I applied much of it to new tasks this summer, and my internship further encouraged me to follow a career in this field. What I particularly appreciate about Bryn Mawr is how there is an emphasis on retaining one’s curiosity about the world.

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Hepburn Center 2008 Summer Interns

Rachel Park