Takudzwa Kanyangarara ‘09


High School: Arundel School, Harare, Zimbabwe

Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe

Major: Mathematics/French

Activities: Tour Guide, 85 Broads, Project Educate in Africa, BACASO

Interests: Playing with numbers, politics, volunteer work, traveling, painting and francophone literature.

Internship: Family Care International

‘An intense intellectual commitment, a self directed and purposeful vision of her life and the desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world’ are the three characteristics that define a Bryn Mawr woman. Over the past three years I have realized that these characteristics work hand in hand. My academics have served as a catalyst to keep my desire to change the world burning; from studying the problems North African immigrants face in France, to the issue of child soldiers in Africa right down to looking at the role of the woman during the Middle Ages. I have always had a passion to develop and work to ensure that women and children are invested in and that they are surrounded by positive communities that enrich their lives. My internship with Family Care International (FCI), an organization that advocates for the sexual and reproductive rights of women and adolescents, allowed me to get a glimpse of the work that is currently being done as well as the challenges that still need to be overcome. I am grateful to have had this internship as it taught me a lot about my own sexual and reproductive health and about medical conditions of which I had no prior knowledge of, such as obstetric fistula.

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Hepburn Center 2008 Summer Interns

Takudzwa Kanyangarara