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Program Requirements and Opportunities

The information listed below is a direct excerpt from the 2015-16 Course Catalog.

Published annually, the Course Catalog sets out the requirements of the academic programs--the majors, minors, and concentrations. Each Bryn Mawr student must declare her major before the end of her sophomore year. Students may also declare a minor or a concentration, but neither is required for the A.B. degree. Students must comply with the requirements published in the Course Catalog at the time when they declare the major, minor and/or concentration.

The Course Catalog also sets out the College requirements. Students must comply with the College requirements published at the time they enter Bryn Mawr College.

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Students may complete a major or minor in History.

A primary aim of the Department of History is to deepen students' sense of time as a factor in cultural diversity and change. Our program of study offers students the opportunity to experience the past through attention to long-range questions and comparative history.

The department's 100-level courses, centered upon specific topics within the instructor's field of expertise, introduce students to a wide array of subjects and themes, while at the same time exploring how historians devise narratives and provide analysis through the study of primary sources. In the 200-level courses, the department offers students the opportunity to pursue interests in specific cultures, regions, policies, or societies, and enables them to experience a broad array of approaches to history.

The department's 300-level courses build on students' knowledge gained in 200-level classes, and provide opportunities to explore topics at greater depth in a seminar setting.

Major Requirements

Eleven courses are required for the History major, and three--one 100-level course, Exploring History (HIST 395), and the Senior Thesis (HIST 398)--must be taken at Bryn Mawr. In Senior Thesis (HIST 398), the student selects a topic of her choice, researches it, and writes a thesis. Majors taking History 395 (offered each spring) will fulfill the College's Writing Intensive requirement

The remaining eight history courses may range across fields or concentrate within them, depending on how a major's interests develop. Of these, at least two must be seminars at the 300 level offered by the Departments of History at Bryn Mawr, Haverford or Swarthmore Colleges or the University of Pennsylvania. (It is strongly recommended that at least one of these advanced courses be taken with Bryn Mawr history faculty, as it is with one of them that majors will work on their senior thesis.)

Only two 100-level courses may be counted toward the major. Credit toward the major is not given for either the Advanced Placement examination or the International Baccalaureate.


Majors with cumulative GPAs of at least 3.0 (general) and 3.5 (history) at the end of their senior year, and who achieve a grade of at least 3.7 on their senior thesis, qualify for departmental honors.

Minor Requirements

The requirement for the minor is six courses, at least four of which must be taken in the Bryn Mawr Department of History, and include one 100-level course, at least one 300-level course within the department, and two additional history courses within the department.

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