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POSITION TITLE: Assistant Provost for Administration


Performs a variety of administrative, supervisory and professional duties in support of the Provost to assure the quality of the College’s academic programs, the professional development of faculty and the integrity of the Provost’s Office processes.


General: Works closely with the Provost in carrying out the academic administrative functions of the College and serves as an administrative resource for the academic community.

Administers the budget planning and monitoring processes for instructional departments, foundation grants, and other academic offices reporting to the Provost. 

Produces a compensation model to set salaries for continuing faculty.  Produces annual faculty salary letters and enclosures.

Work with the Treasurer’s Office on the annual Bi-College and Tri-College reconciliation of academic expenses. 

Perform year-end reconciliation with the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research on instruction and cross-enrollments.  Assists the Treasurer and the Dean of the GSSWSR with budget planning.

Work with the Treasurer on annual academic budget roll-over analysis.  Produces and distributes annual roll-over memos.

In collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research, compiles and analyzes financial, staffing, faculty and academic data for the provost, senior administrators and faculty committees.

Produces a variety of correspondence for the Provost’s signature regarding course buy-outs, medical leaves, special circumstances around externally-supported grants, termination letter, reports, position papers and briefings.

Oversees large institutional and multi-institutional grants for which the Office of the Provost is responsible.

Staffs the Provost in her work with department chairs in curriculum planning and staffing, including faculty service assignments and tracking.

Coordinates with the Registrar’s Office to launch and monitor annual curriculum planning and course catalog modules in Peoplesoft.  Trains administrative assistants and department chairs on using the curriculum planning modules.

Assists in the hiring and reappointment of continuing and interim faculty. 

Oversees programming and resources to facilitate the transition of new faculty to Bryn Mawr, including new faculty orientation, set-up of campus accounts and procedures, office and lab fit-outs, information and technology set ups, and ongoing professional development workshops.

Plans, initiates and coordinates the College’s classroom and faculty office improvements, including assessment of needs and implementation of projects. 

Monitors the use of academic spaces and assigns faculty offices.

Manage PeopleSoft related data projects, work with programmers to  
determine needs and requirements of projects in both PeopleSoft and  
Financial Edge.

Works with colleagues in the Office of the Provost to improve and professionalize operations, procedures and communication within the Office and in related offices (e.g., supervises academic department administrative assistants, monitors the content of the Provost’s Office webpage, oversees the maintenance of the faculty handbook).

Works closely with staff whose positions support faculty and academic programs including the two Goodhart Technical staff members, the Director of Science Support Services and members of the Information Services Staff.

Supervises the Faculty Affairs Associate on all aspects of her work relating to faculty development.

Interfaces regularly with the Faculty Appointments Coordinator on reviews and review outcomes as they relate to faculty compensation and faculty awards.

Supervises the work of the Academic Program Administrator in implementing new programs and ongoing Provost’s Office initiatives such as the 360 program, the Science Posse and the Mary Flexner Lecture Series.

Represents the Office of the Provost on and off-campus regularly for administrative matters as needed.  Substitutes for the Provost when the Provost is unable to attend.

Supports the Provost.

Conceives, promotes and implements projects and plans to enhance the College.


Works independently in accordance with departmental policies and general objectives, referring to supervisor only for clarification and interpretation of broad departmental objectives.  Often drafts these policies and objectives when none exist.

Works constantly with and has access to confidential information on salaries, personnel records and personal matters.

Is subject to annual review.

Exercises sound judgment to maximize the goals, mission and resources of the office.

Maintains internal and external contacts involving complex issues which require tact and diplomacy.

Undertakes research and analysis in performance of daily duties.

Is responsible for almost all budgets within the office of the Provost and of departments reporting to the Provost.

Works under usual office conditions with constant exposure to deadlines.

Uses a computer constantly and applicable systems and software including the College’s enterprise system and financial accounting system.    

Provides the scope for new projects and oversees their testing and implementation for system processes in both the enterprise and financial systems related to Provost Office data and information.

Performs other job-related duties as assigned or directed.


Ability to plan, organize and implement both the daily and long range programs of the Provost’s Office and the academic support services for which it is responsible.

Thorough knowledge of many aspects of academic administration, including appointments procedures, facilities and resource planning, grant oversight, budget projection and management.

Thorough knowledge (or aptitude to learn) of Peoplesoft.

Ability to work with the faculty and other colleagues in determining and implementing long-term plans.

Ability to develop and supervise staff.

Excellent interpersonal skills.

Excellent oral and written communication and computational skills.

Ability to edit.

Ability to meet deadlines.

Ability to anticipate supervisor’s needs.

Ability to:

  • handle a business telephone and other office equipment
  • compose business correspondence
  • prepare annual and special reports
  • set up and maintain file system
  • use computer systems with applicable software and the College’s enterprise systems


Minimum of five years in related experience, preferably in a College and University environment.

Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree preferred.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Excellent computer skills, including Excel, Word, Power Point, and web-design programs.  Ability to understand and use the College’s enterprise and financial systems to scope systems’ projects, write reports and extract data.



Excellent hearing/speaking skills.

Vision sufficient to see and interpret job related materials.

Good manual dexterity.

Must be able to lift up to 20 lbs.

Ability to reach and stoop.

Ability to climb steps and low ladders.