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POSITION OBJECTIVE: Performs a variety of culinary duties related to the preparation and presentation of meals.  Is responsible for portion control and general food production procedures in the kitchen.




  • Prepares entrees, soups and side dishes for meals:

-pre-checks the production sheet t ensure that all items, in correct quantity and quality, are available for the meal

-may be required to instruct swing cook, and/or direct general kitchen workers and student workers

-checks equipment to ensure it is available, clean and in good working order

-cooks and/or otherwise prepares food in accordance with the production sheet menu, correcting if necessary recipes for yield and quality after review with the manager

-times food preparation to coincide with starting meal hours and ensures that all food items are ready to serve at the necessary time

-makes substitutions as dictated by meal counts and approved by the manager

-prepares food in small batches, when possible, to ensure freshness and high quality


  • Sets up and maintains service line:

-fills wells

-ensures proper food service utensils are available

-instructs server(s) in food portion size

-decorates line for proper presentation

-replenishes food items during meal

-consults with manager to determine use of leftover food

-properly stores leftover food in accordance to HAACP and ServSafe guidelines

-assesses the quality of all food items; coordinates with manager

-ensures that items on service line are properly labeled


  • Utilizes the following equipment:

-knives (cutting, slicing, boning, pairing, carving)


-deep fryer

-tilt skillet (saute, grill boil-does almost any cooking needed)

-grill (flat top and charbroiler)

-ovens (convection and combi)

-mixer with attachments


-warmer box

-steam line



-buffalo chopper


-robot coupe


  • Cleans equipment used in preparation of meal
  • Coordinates cleaning schedule for the kitchen with other kitchen staff and student workers
  • Completes production sheet and submits to manager
  • Consults with receiver to ensure food items are pulled for next day’s meals.  Notifies the manager of any problems.
  • Responsible for maintaining proper food temperatures of both hot and cold foods (hot above 140°F and cold food below 40°F), taking corrective action when necessary.  Keeps accurate food temperature charts, reporting problems to supervisors.
  • Adheres to standards outlined by sanitation program (ServSafe), Lower Merion Health Department and Bryn Mawr College Dining Services.
  • Performs other job related duties as assigned or directed.
  • Works special events and catering functions as needed.



  • Performs routine assignments alone; follows established standard practices; refers non-standard conditions or situations to Unit Manger/Assistant Unit Manager.
  • Work is subject to a daily (general) review by the manager.
  • Errors result in loss of times and money.  Some errors could result in potential health and safety danger to cook and/or student customers.
  • Position requires basic gathering of data in form of production sheet.  This information is used to forecast meal count and food orders for the future.
  • Frequent physical effort involving lifting of heavy weight, stooping, standing or bending for extended periods of time.
  • Work instructions in the form of production sheets are given out on a daily basis by the manager.  Production sheets may be changed by the manager.  Such instructions may be provided in written or oral form.
  • Employee may be assigned to various shifts, responsibilities, or work locations.
  • As Bryn Mawr College is a residential college, Dining Services is an essential service.  Employees may be assigned to various shifts and units as needed.





  • Ability to read and follow oral or written instructions
  • Ability to perform basic mathematical functions
  • Good hearing/communication skills
  • Excellent manual dexterity
  • Must be able to lift 50+ lbs.
  • Good reading skills
  • Must be mobile between work stations and numerous campus buildings
  • Must be able to climb stairs while carrying heavy items
  • Must be able to bend over/pick up and lift up and down heavy items
  • Must be able to work in extreme temperatures
  • Must have good sight
  • Ability to operate industrial-type kitchen equipment such as: meat slicer, steamer, steam kettles, ovens, cooking utensils, buffalo chopper, deep fryer, mixer, grill and range
  • Ability to use and convert weights and measures, both liquid and dry
  • Three years experience as a cook in the food service industry or any combination of education and experience to produce the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge
  • Must have current ServSafe certification