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POSITION TITLE: Heating and Ventilation and Air Conditioning System Mechanic

POSITION OBJECTIVE: This position requires skilled work in the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of industrial and commercial heating ventilation and air-conditioning equipment and controls.  This employee must perform work as specified by the HVAC foreman, and will be required to follow written and oral work orders to achieve department goals of operating and maintaining safe and efficient building systems.



Performs all required preventative maintenance on HVAC equipment.

    • Starting/stopping equipment
    • General cleaning
    • Removal/installation of serviceable parts
    • Change air/water filters
    • Calibrating controls
    • Adjusts industrial – capacity vents and ducts
    • Charges refrigerants into compression or fluids into systems
    • Tests joints for leaks
    • Drains/flushes systems
    • Test/treats boiler feed water
    • Greases/oils equipment
  • Performs preventative maintenance and repair on refrigeration units, cooling towers, boiler, manual/automatic combustion control systems/burners, generators, air compressors and gas/oil boilers.
  • Skilled in the operation of pneumatic and electronic control systems; understands and operates a computerized energy management program.  Calibrates and adjusts pneumatic controls.
  • Reads and understands blueprints and engineering specifications.
  • Maintains good working relationships with campus faculty and staff, and students.
  • Coordinate efforts and provides guidance to contractors working on campus.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned or directed.


In performance of duties, the employee may experience exposure to loud noises, uncomfortable temperatures, physical effort involving lifting heavy weights, stooping, or standing for extended periods of time.



Five years of experience in the operation of HVAC equipment and systems in industrial and commercial applications.  A stationary engineer’s license is required.  The completion of training courses relating to the handling of CFCs, and at least partial CFC certification is a requirement.

A certificate or diploma from a recognized institution above the high school level as the evidence of completion of a two year program in refrigeration and heating may be used as part of the required experience

Must have general knowledge and understanding of electrical systems (24 to 480 volt)

Must be familiar with national electric codes

Must have general knowledge of basic plumbing systems

Basic working knowledge of and ability to use electronic Energy Management Systems (EMS) preferred.

Must have superior interpersonal skills

Must have excellent oral communication skills.

Must have a current and valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.


Must have ability to:

  • walk, stand, sit, bend, stoop and lift for long periods of time
  • lift 80 pounds
  • walk up and down steps
  • climb ladders
  • work in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold
  • distinguish colors
  • read written directions
  • read instructions on equipment, chemicals and other tools and to safely operate equipment
  • write and provide documentation
  • handle chemicals that are used in a skilled craft trade.