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New Hire Information - Faculty and Staff

All Faculty and Staff new hires must come to the Human Resources Office before being put on the payroll. You will be asked to complete several forms and provide documentation to satisfy IRS and INS requirements, including

I-9 form, proving both your identity and your right to work in the United States. Examples of acceptable documentation include:

New staff and faculty are required to enroll in Direct Deposit. You may use virtually any U.S. bank or credit union and have the option of splitting your pay among up to three different accounts on a percentage or flat amount basis. Accounts such as mutual funds are not yet available.

Staff will generally have a benefits orientation the first day. Faculty are expected to contact Human Resources to discuss any benefits for which they are eligible. The Assistant Director of Human Resources does participate in the new faculty orientation session arranged by the Provost's Office late each summer. HR will provide all necessary enrollment forms.