PHILADELPHIA !!!!!!!!!!!!

You Got It!!!!! Good thinkin' Lincoln!!!!

This view, done around the year 1800 by the engraver William Birch, shows Philadelphia's bank on the Delaware River. You can see some of the shipping activity that was so important to the city's development. Look carefully at the picture. How many different ships can you find here? Can you find the American flag in this picture? It also shows a ferry used to transport people and goods from Arch Street over the river to New Jersey. Tell me more about pictures by William Birch!!!.

Good job, you've taken your first step through the city!

Use the map below to locate yourself and this historical scene of Philadelphia life at stop #1, and then to look for the next stop #2 in blue. If you want to go back to any of the places you've already been, just click that number or dot on the map.

It's time to move on to stop #2. Just like you did the last time, find the next location from the choices below, matching the address of the choices below to the spot on the map. (Hint!: You might need to get to this important historical site "hall by yourself."

1. The United States Mint, Chestnut St. between 13th and Broad Sts.

2. The Fairmount Water Works, Fairmount Park

3. Independence Hall (The State House), Chestnut St. between 5th and 6th Sts.

4. The Pennsylvania Hospital, 8th and Pine Sts.