PHILADELPHIA !!!!!!!!!!!!

Another good move!!! You're right again!!!!


This scene is a plate from the "The Baxter Panoramic Business Directory," and it depicts the north side of Chestnut Street in Philadelphia between 10th and 11th Streets. It was published in February 1880 by Dewitt C. Baxter. Tell me more about this image and others by Baxter!!!

You're now at stop #4 on your tour through Philadelphia! Find your location on the map below, #4 in red. As usual, click on any of the colored dots to go to one of the places you've already visited.

Let's keep going to stop #5. From the choices below find the address that matches the purple dot labelled stop #5 on the map. (HINT!: I'm banking on you getting this one right!!)

1. Carpenters Hall, 4th St. between Chestnut and Walnut Sts.

2. Congess Hall and New Theater, 6th and Chestnut Sts.

3. The Second Bank of the United States, Chestnut St. between 4th and 5th Sts.

4. Library and Surgeons Hall, 5th St. between Chestnut and Walnut