Welcome to the Iconography Project!

You can see drawings and paintings that show what the city of Philadelphia looked like hundreds of years ago.

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Definitions of some words you might not know...(iconography, panorama, ...)

The stuff:

Main Line Atlas
Birch Views
Wild's Views
Child's Views
Baxter and Dreer Panos
Rae's Panos
A list of historic sites that are open to the public, organized by county, with links to its web site, if available. (/visits.html)

Links to other web sites about local history
Links to area libraries, historic societies, and other repositories from which we have gathered information. (/repos.html)

Projects--do your own image, your own illustrated journal, research a site with pictures, describe what life would have been like in a place shown in an image

Project 1: Comparing Past and Present


  1. Pick a picture that you like from this web site. Be sure to look at the title to see what the picture is of, and what street it is on.
  2. If you can, print out the picture so you can carry it with you.
  3. Find a recent street map of Philadelphia, and find where your building is.
  4. Have an adult take you there. You should bring:
  5. Make your own picture of the building! It probably looks pretty different today than it did one or two hundred years ago. Think about what the artist put in the picture when he first drew it--are there other buildings? Trees? The street? People? What do you think is important to show in your picture? Imagine someone looking at what you have drawn one hundred years from now. What would they be interested in knowing about how things looked today?
  6. Compare your drawing to the old one. What differences do you notice? Why do you think it has changed? What seems to be the same about them?

Teacher's notes: