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PHILADELPHIA !!!!!!!!!!!!

This race will take you on a historic tour of the city of Philadelphia. Along the way, you'll see lots of different places and learn about what happened there. You'll also see a bunch of pictures that show the many different kinds of ways we can learn about the past and learn your way around the city. The city of Philadelphia is built around and between two rivers, the Schuykill on the west and the Delaware, which separates it from the state of New Jersey, on the east. Try and locate both rivers on the map below.

To begin your trip, imagine that you have gone back in time to the 1790's and landed here on High Street (we call it Market Street today!). You are standing facing the Delaware River and that big white building you see to your right is the First Presbyterian Church, built in 1793-94. To the left are the various markets that give Market Street its name. Instead of going to a supermarket people came here to shop for all the things they needed like food and candles. If you click on the picture to make it bigger and look really closely, you can see people pushing wheelbarrows full of items they are bringing to or from the market.

Click here to see image larger

Find this location on the map below by looking for START in red. Your goal will be to move from place to place along the colored path on the map to get to the FINISH in green.

So, if you're ready to begin, just click GO!!!!!!