Welcome to the


PHILADELPHIA !!!!!!!!!!!

Your goal is to make it from START, on the map below, to FINISH. Along the way, you will take a brief tour of t, using the clues we give you to move from one different place to another. Each place you visit will have a picture and a little information about the history of that place. As long as you find the right picture of the next location on your path, you'll keep moving to the end. But if you take a wrong turn, you might end up at a much less fun place. If you do take a wrong turn, go back to the last place you visited and try to find the right step. Once you reach the end, you can see a map that will show you through route you took to get there. See if you can remember something about each of the places you visited. So if you're ready to go, click START to begin. See you at the end!!


(Map will be here)