Aerial Photograph Index for Chester County

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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8429Summerill TubingBridgeport, PA ?Industry
4802Coatesville w/factoriesCoatesville, PAView
4803FactoriesCoatesville, PAIndustry
5857Devon, 1926Devon, PAView
20945Fairgrounds, 1940 *Devon, PAFair
1555Harrison Devon, PAResidence
1611Harrison Devon, PAResidence
5856Stables, 1926Devon, PASports
6675Atlantic Refining CoFranklin, PAIndustry
6676Atlantic Refining CoFranklin, PAIndustry
6677Atlantic Refining CoFranklin, PAIndustry
6680Atlantic Refining CoFranklin, PAIndustry
6671FranklinFranklin, PAView
1187Villa MariaFrazer, PAHotel ?
8754Aronomick Country Club, 1928Paoli, PASports
5860Paoli (near), 1926Paoli, PA ?View
1324Philmont Country ClubPhilmont, PASports
1428Philmont Country ClubPhilmont, PASports
4856Philmont Country ClubPhilmont, PASports
4857Philmont Country ClubPhilmont, PASports
4640Foster, T B, FarmPhoenixville, PAResidence
4649Foster, T B, FarmPhoenixville, PAResidence
4650Foster, T B, FarmPhoenixville, PAResidence
4651Foster, T B, FarmPhoenixville, PAResidence
4652Foster, T B, FarmPhoenixville, PAResidence
4653Foster, T B, FarmPhoenixville, PAResidence
4654Foster, T B, FarmPhoenixville, PAResidence
4655Foster, T B, FarmPhoenixville, PAResidence
22Regional Plan, negativePhoenixville, PAKey
1667Residence West Chester, PAResidence
1819Golf CourseWest Chester, PASports
1820Golf CourseWest Chester, PASports
27Regional Plan, negativeWest Chester, PAKey
1453Sharples ..separator Co ?West Chester, PAIndustry
1612Sharples see 1745,1803West Chester, PA ?Residence
1803Sharpless see 1612,1745West Chester, PA ?Residence
1804Sharpless see 1612,1745West Chester, PA ?Residence
1452West ChesterWest Chester, PAView
1713West ChesterWest Chester, PAView
1714West ChesterWest Chester, PAView
1715West ChesterWest Chester, PAView
1746West Chester Golf Club West Chester, PASports
1367West Chester Normal SchoolWest Chester, PA ?Education ?
1466West Chester Wheel...West Chester, PAIndustry
1384Westtown School West Chester, PA Education
1447Westtown SchoolWest Chester, PA Education
1448Westtown SchoolWest Chester, PA Education
1526Westtown SchoolWest Chester, PAEducation
1527Westtown SchoolWest Chester, PAEducation
1528Westtown SchoolWest Chester, PAEducation
1605Westtown SchoolWest Chester, PAEducation
1606Westtown SchoolWest Chester, PAEducation