Aerial Photograph Index for Delaware County

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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4244Aberfoyle Country ClubChester, PASports
4696Baldwin Locomotive WorksChester, PAIndustry
4685Belmont Iron WorksChester, PAIndustry
4686Belmont Iron WorksChester, PAIndustry
4687Belmont Iron WorksChester, PAIndustry
4688Belmont Iron WorksChester, PAIndustry
4689Belmont Iron WorksChester, PA Industry
4690Belmont Iron WorksChester, PAIndustry
4694Belmont Iron WorksChester, PAIndustry
4695Belmont Iron WorksChester, PAIndustry
4241ChesterChester, PAView
4584ChesterChester, PAView
22498Chester \|Chester, PAView H
1147Chester Electric CoChester, PA ?Public Util
4247Chester Military AcadChester, PAEducation
22477Chester Vic \|Chester, PAView H
22494Chester,vic \|Chester, PAView H
4245Glasier, EdwardChester, PAResidence
4249Phila Electric CoChester, PAPublic Util
4524Pure Oil CoChester, PAIndustry
4526Pure Oil CoChester, PAIndustry
4531Pure Oil Co (print only)Chester, PAIndustry
26Regional Plan, negativeChester, PAKey
4529Sinclair Oil CoChester, PAIndustry
4585Sun Oil CoChester, PAIndustry
4588Sun Oil CoChester, PA Industry
1128Sun Shipbuilding CoChester, PAIndustry
1570Sun Shipbuilding CoChester, PA Industry
1571Sun Shipbuilding CoChester, PAIndustry
1580Sun Shipbuilding CoChester, PAIndustry
6741Sun Shipbuilding Co Chester, PAIndustry
11853Sun Shipbuilding Co, 1930 *Chester, PAIndustry
1355Widener CollegeChester, PAEducation
1356Widener CollegeChester, PAEducation
5586DarbyDarby, PAView
5587DarbyDarby, PAView
5591DarbyDarby, PAView
5593DarbyDarby, PAView
5608Darby, 1926Darby, PAView
5614Darby, 1926Darby, PAView
5615Darby, 1926Darby, PAView
5616Darby, 1926Darby, PAView
5626Darby, 1926Darby, PAView
5627Darby, 1926Darby, PAView
4382Griswold Mfg CoDarby, PAIndustry
4383Griswold Mfg CoDarby, PAIndustry
6264Island Delaware Riv,UnidView
5588Drexel HillDrexel Hill, PAView
6739Real Estate DevDrexel Hill, PAReal Estate
1586St Vincent HomeDrexel Hill, PAB Inst ?
1863St Vincent HomeDrexel Hill, PA B Inst ?
1864St Vincent HomeDrexel Hill, PA B Inst ?
4514Easton Easton, PAView
7774EastonEaston, PAView
7757Easton, 1927Easton, PAView
7759Easton, 1927Easton, PAView
8692Baldwin Locomotive Works..Eddystone, PA ?Industry
8691Waterfront, 1928 Essington, PAHarbor
6052Haverford Haverford, PAView
6053HaverfordHaverford, PAView
6054HaverfordHaverford, PAView
6124HaverfordHaverford, PAView
2756Haverford Grammar SchoolHaverford, PAEducation
1278Merion Golf ClubHaverford, PA Sports
1279Merion Golf ClubHaverford, PA Sports
1881Merion Golf ClubHaverford, PA Sports
P129Merion Golf Club, 1930Haverford, PASports
P130Merion Golf Club, 1930Haverford, PASports
P131Merion Golf Club, 1930Haverford, PASports
P132Merion Golf Club, 1930Haverford, PASports
P133Merion Golf Club, 1930Haverford, PASports
P134Merion Golf Club, 1930Haverford, PASports
P135Merion Golf Club, 1930Haverford, PASports
P136Merion Golf Club, 1930Haverford, PASports
P137Merion Golf Club, 1930Haverford, PASports
13265Merion Golf Club, 1930 *Haverford, PA Sports
1144Congolium CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4246Factory Marcus Hook, PA ?Industry
4561General Chemical CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4562General Chemical CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4571General Chemical CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4573General Chemical CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4574General Chemical CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
21799Marcus Hook, 1941 \|Marcus Hook, PAView V
1127Penn Seabord Steel CorpMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
6742Pure Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
6743Pure Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
6744Pure Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
6745Pure Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
6746Pure Oil CoMarcus Hook, PA ?Industry
6748Pure Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
6749Pure Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
6750Pure Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
6751Pure Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
22496Sun Oil Co \|Marcus Hook, PAIndustry H
1139Texas Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4240Texas Oil CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4516Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4517Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4518Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4519Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4520Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4521Viscose Co Marcus Hook, PAIndustry
4522Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4523Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PA Industry
4527Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4528Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
4530Viscose CoMarcus Hook, PAIndustry
1433MediaMedia, PAView
1868-aMedia Media, PAView
4546Real Estate DevMedia, PA ?Real Estate
4242Springhaven Country ClubMedia, PA ?Sports
P260Ellis Farm, 1931Newtown, PAResidence
2739George SchoolNewtown, PAEducation
2740George SchoolNewtown, PAEducation
2741George SchoolNewtown, PAEducation
5845George School, 1926Newtown, PAEducation
5846Watson Lumber + Millwork..Newtown, PA ?Business
5847Watson Lumber + MillworkNewtown, PA ?Business
5848Watson Lumber + Millwork.. Newtown, PA ?Business
1701Beaumont EstateNewtown Square, PA ?Residence
4261DuPont EstateNewtown Square, PAResidence
12739DuPont Estate, 1930 *Newtown Square, PAResidence
5395Farm Newtown Square, PAResidence
5390FarmsNewtown Square, PAView
5391FarmsNewtown Square, PAView
5353Hospital Newtown Square, PAHospital
5354Hospital Newtown Square, PAHospital
5418Hospital Newtown Square, PAHospital
4254Residence see 4252Newtown Square, PA ?Residence
4252Residence see 4254Newtown Square, PA ?Residence
5392School ?Newtown Square, PAEducation ?
5394School ? Newtown Square, PAEducation ?
1281Clothier, Isaac H, EstateRadnor, PAResidence
4231Clothier, Isaac H, EstateRadnor, PAResidence
P112Emmons,other houses, 1930Swarthmore, PAResidence
P116Emmons,other houses, 1930Swarthmore, PAResidence
7105Swarthmore (rural area)Swarthmore, PAView
7106Swarthmore (rural area)Swarthmore, PAView
2869Swarthmore CollegeSwarthmore, PAEducation
7102Swarthmore CollegeSwarthmore, PAEducation
7103Swarthmore CollegeSwarthmore, PAEducation
7104Swarthmore CollegeSwarthmore, PAEducation
P113Swarthmore College, 1930Swarthmore, PAEducation
P114Swarthmore College, 1930Swarthmore, PAEducation
P115Swarthmore College, 1930Swarthmore, PAEducation
5854Wayne, 1926Wayne, PAView
5855Wayne, 1926Wayne, PAView