Aerial Photograph Index for Montgomery County

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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1847Huntington Valley Golf ClubAbington, PASports
7671Huntington Valley Golf ClubAbington, PASports
7672Huntington Valley Golf ClubAbington, PASports
1318Marshall FarmAbington, PA ?Residence
1322 Marshall FarmAbington, PA ?Residence
1327Marshall FarmAbington, PA ?Residence
1329Marshall FarmAbington, PA ?Residence
1849Keasbury and Matheson ? 1578Ambler, PAIndustry
1578Keasby Mothson Co ? see 1849Ambler, PAIndustry
1708Matthison, DrAmbler, PA Residence
2538Matthison, DrAmbler, PAResidence
1186Residence and FarmAmbler, PA ?Residence
4265ArdmoreArdmore, PAView
6125ArdmoreArdmore, PAView
2813Autocar plantArdmore, PAIndustry
2814Autocar plantArdmore, PAIndustry
2816Autocar plantArdmore, PAIndustry
8602Ray, Thomas W Sears, 1928Ardmore, PAResidence
8761Sears, Thomas W, ResidencesArdmore, PAResidence
6517BaederwoodBaederwood, PAView
6521BaederwoodBaederwood, PAView
6516Real EstateBaederwood, PAReal Estate
6520Real EstateBaederwood, PAReal Estate
6522Real EstateBaederwood, PAReal Estate
6523Real EstateBaederwood, PAReal Estate
5796Real Estate, 1926Baederwood, PAReal Estate
5189Bethayres Bethayres, PAView
5192BethayresBethayres, PAView
5196Bethayres Bethayres, PAView
5197Bethayres Bethayres, PAView
5198BethayresBethayres, PAView
5199BethayresBethayres, PAView
5245Klauder-Weldon Dye Mach CoBethayres, PAIndustry
1366Church of the New JerusalemBryn Athen, PAChurch
1467Church of the New JerusalemBryn Athen, PAChurch
4804Church of the New JerusalemBryn Athen, PAChurch
5032Church of the New JerusalemBryn Athen, PAChurch
5189-aChurch..., Pitcairn ResBryn Athen, PAChurch
4446Pitcairn FieldBryn Athen, PATransptn
4589Pitcairn Field Bryn Athen, PATransptn
4590Pitcairn Field Bryn Athen, PATransptn
4805Pitcairn Field Bryn Athen, PATransptn
4806Pitcairn Field Bryn Athen, PATransptn
5026Pitcairn FieldBryn Athen, PATransptn
7273Pitcairn FieldBryn Athen, PATransptn
5151Pitcairn Field, air meetBryn Athen, PATransptn
5152Pitcairn Field, air meetBryn Athen, PATransptn
5153Pitcairn Field, air meetBryn Athen, PATransptn
5155Pitcairn Field, air meetBryn Athen, PATransptn
5156Pitcairn Field, air meetBryn Athen, PATransptn
5157Pitcairn Field, air meetBryn Athen, PATransptn
5158Pitcairn Field, air meetBryn Athen, PATransptn
5159Pitcairn Field, air meetBryn Athen, PATransptn
1316Biddle, L L ?Bryn Mawr, PAResidence
6120Bryn MawrBryn Mawr, PAView
6126Bryn MawrBryn Mawr, PAView
5850Bryn Mawr, 1926 Bryn Mawr, PAView
5851Bryn Mawr, 1926Bryn Mawr, PAView
1790Bryn Mawr CollegeBryn Mawr, PAEducation
8488Bryn Mawr College, May Day..Bryn Mawr, PAEvent
5849Bryn Mawr College, 1926Bryn Mawr, PAEducation
12480Bryn Mawr College, 1930Bryn Mawr, PAEducation
12481Bryn Mawr College, 1930Bryn Mawr, PAEducation
12483Bryn Mawr College, 1930Bryn Mawr, PAEducation
5852Bryn Mawr College.., 1926Bryn Mawr, PAEducation
6124-aHavens Co w/view of Br Mawr Bryn Mawr, PAReal Estate
1291Montgomery, Robert L Bryn Mawr, PAResidence
1833Potts, Mrs Bryn Mawr, PAResidence
1874Potts, MrsBryn Mawr, PAResidence
1885Potts, MrsBryn Mawr, PAResidence
1851Rea, Samuel Bryn Mawr, PAResidence
1886Rea, SamuelBryn Mawr, PAResidence
1875Residence Bryn Mawr, PAResidence
1188Vare, Senator Edwin, EstateBryn Mawr, PA..Residence
1655-aVare, Senator Edwin, EstateBryn Mawr, PA..Residence
1655Vare, Senator Edwin, EstateBryn Mawr, PA..Residence
1656Vare, Senator Edwin, EstateBryn Mawr, PA..Residence
6806Cobbs Creek w/Golf CourseCobbs Creek, PA View
4384Ursinus CollegeCollegeville, PAEducation
4385Ursinus CollegeCollegeville, PAEducation
14903Ursinus College, 1931 *Collegeville, PAEducation
1117ConshohockenConshohocken, PAView?
5879ConshohockenConshohocken, PAView
5881ConshohockenConshohocken, PAView
5882ConshohockenConshohocken, PAView
5883ConshohockenConshohocken, PAView
5885ConshohockenConshohocken, PAView
5886ConshohockenConshohocken, PAView
5979Lee Tire + Rubber CoConshohocken, PAIndustry
5981Lee Tire + Rubber Co Conshohocken, PAIndustry
1573Wood,Allen, Iron + Steel CoConshohocken, PAIndustry
1575Wood,Allen, Iron + Steel CoConshohocken, PAIndustry
2860Wood,Allen, Iron + Steel CoConshohocken, PAIndustry
2861Wood,Allen, Iron + Steel CoConshohocken, PAIndustry
1522Clard, Page Conshohocken,W, PAResidence
1523Page Conshohocken,W, PAResidence
1541Page Conshohocken,W, PAResidence
1607Page Conshohocken,W, PAResidence
1608Page Conshohocken,W, PAResidence
1674Residence Conshohocken,W, PA ?Residence
8310Valley Forge Cement Co,1928Conshohocken,W, PAIndustry
8311Valley Forge Cement Co,1928Conshohocken,W, PAIndustry
1658Widener EstateElkins Park, PA Residence
1719Widener EstateElkins Park, PA Residence
1763Widener EstateElkins Park, PA Residence
1862Widener EstateElkins Park, PAResidence
7293Widener EstateElkins Park, PAResidence
14893Cadwallader Estate, 1931 *Fort Washington, PA Residence
5869Manufacturers ClubFort Washington, PA?Association
6614-aPotts Real Estate Dev...Fort Washington, PAReal Estate
17352Beaver College, 1936 *Glenside, PAEducation
7669Glenside, 1927Glenside, PA View
1706Harrison, W HGlenside, PAResidence
1711Harrison, W HGlenside, PAResidence
1884Harrison, W HGlenside, PAResidence
2887Harrison, W H Glenside, PAResidence
9114Gratersford Penitentiary,N EGratersford, PAPrison
14528Gratersford Prison, 1931 *Gratersford, PA Prison
4251Country Club Gulph Mills, PA ?Sports
5077Gulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
5078-aGulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
5078Gulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
5079-cGulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
5079Gulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
5080-aGulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PA Sports
5081Gulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
5082Gulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
5083Gulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
5083-aGulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
5084-bGulph Mills Country ClubGulph Mills, PASports
21900Brewster Aeronautical Co \Hatboro, PAIndustry
5888Pitcairn FieldHallowell, PA Transptn
5890Pitcairn FieldHallowell, PA Transptn
5891Pitcairn FieldHallowell, PA Transptn
5892Pitcairn FieldHallowell, PA Transptn
5893Pitcairn FieldHallowell, PA Transptn
5894Pitcairn FieldHallowell, PA Transptn
6527Pitcairn FieldHallowell, PATransptn
21803Pitcairn Field \|Hallowell, PA Transptn
21805Pitcairn Field \|Hallowell, PA Transptn
7600-aPitcairn Field, 1927Hallowell, PATransptn
22234-aAero-Service Bellanca \|Hallowell, PA..Business
5244Real Estate see 5264Hollywood, PA ??Real Estate
2788Huntington ValleyHuntington Val, PAView
2789Residence Huntington Val, PAResidence
8726 Bush, John, EstateJenkintown, PAResidence
8728Eagleson EstateJenkintown, PAResidence
8730Eagleson EstateJenkintown, PAResidence
8731Eagleson Estate Jenkintown, PAResidence
8732Eagleson EstateJenkintown, PAResidence
4305Estate Jenkintown, PAResidence
2891Gibson, H CJenkintown, PAResidence
2894Gibson, H C Jenkintown, PAResidence
4304Herring EstateJenkintown, PAResidence
14117Jenkintown,(res area) 1931 *Jenkintown, PAResidence
15722Johnson, William,+ more..*Jenkintown, PAResidence
2890Pepper, MrsJenkintown, PAResidence
4288Residence Jenkintown, PAResidence
4293Residence Jenkintown, PAResidence
5191Lower Merion SchoolsMain Line ?, PAEducation
4253Residence Main Line, N ofResidence
4277Golf Club Main Line, PA Sports
4280Golf Club Main Line, PA Sports
4259Residence Main Line, PA Residence
1551Sisters of the Mercy ConvtMerion, PAChurch
1738Roberts, Percival Narberth, PAResidence
8427Belmont Realty Co, 1928Norristown, PABusiness
7957Cold Storage, 1927Norristown, PABusiness
8428Cold Storage, 1928Norristown, PABusiness
11481Courthouse of Norristown..Norristown, PAGov Build
11483Courthouse of Norristown..Norristown, PAGov Build
11490Courthouse of Norristown..Norristown, PAGov Build
11491Courthouse of Norristown..Norristown, PAGov Build
8430Curran Terrace, 1928Norristown, PAReal Estate
8431Curran Terrace, 1928Norristown, PAReal Estate
8432Curran Terrace, 1928Norristown, PAReal Estate
8434Curran Terrace, 1928Norristown, PAReal Estate
1576Diamond State Fibre CoNorristown, PAIndustry
7096Diamond State Fibre CoNorristown, PAIndustry
7097Diamond State Fibre CoNorristown, PAIndustry
7098Diamond State Fibre CoNorristown, PAIndustry
7099Diamond State Fibre CoNorristown, PAIndustry
18609Estate, 1937 *Norristown, PAResidence
6834Indian Head Park BeachNorristown, PA ?..Recreation
6835Indian Head Park BeachNorristown, PA ?..Recreation
1629NorristownNorristown, PAView
1784NorristownNorristown, PAView
1794NorristownNorristown, PAView
1796NorristownNorristown, PAView
6809Norristown, Center Norristown, PAView
6810Norristown, Center Norristown, PAView
6812Norristown, Center w/resvrNorristown, PAView
6833-aaNorristown Realty Co Norristown, PAReal Estate
52Regional PlanNorristown, PAMap
6817Res Area, outskirts of NrstnNorristown, PAView
6818Res Area w/football field..Norristown, PAView
6826Rural AreaNorristown, PAView
6827Rural AreaNorristown, PAView
7960Scheidt,Adam,Brewing Co,1927Norristown, PABusiness
1772State Asylum Norristown, PAHospital
1805State AsylumNorristown, PAHospital
1678State AsylumNorristown, PA Hospital
6824State Asylum, FarmlandNorristown, PAHospital
6816Tract #1 (farmland)Norristown, PAView
6822Tract #1, new school..Norristown, PAView
6823Tract #1, new school..Norristown, PAView
6820Tract #2 ? (farmland)Norristown, PAView
6829Real EstateNorristown,W, PAReal Estate
8315Detra Flag Co, 1928Oaks, PABusiness
4287Ogontz Country ClubOgontz, PASports
1351Ogontz SchoolOgontz, PAEducation
8850Sub StationPlymouth Meeting, PAPublic Util
9039-aSub StationPlymouth Meeting, PAPublic Util
1282McKean, Thomas, Rosemont, PAResidence
5557Taylor EstateSpring House, PA ?Residence
5564Taylor EstateSpring House, PA ?Residence
5565Taylor Estate Spring House, PA ?Residence
5566Taylor EstateSpring House, PA ?Residence
5567Taylor EstateSpring House, PA ?Residence
7100FactorySwedesboro, PAIndustry
1895Boy's ReformatoryValley Forge, PAEducation
2538-oBoy's ReformatoryValley Forge, PAEducation
4271Estate Valley Forge, PAResidence
4272Estate Valley Forge, PAResidence
4276Estate Valley Forge, PAResidence
1841Farm Valley Forge, PAResidence
P167Hoover, 1931 (May 30)Valley Forge, PAEvent
P168Hoover, 1931 (May 30)Valley Forge, PAEvent
P169Hoover, 1931 (May 30)Valley Forge, PAEvent
P171Hoover, 1931 (May 30)Valley Forge, PAEvent
P172Hoover, 1931 (May 30)Valley Forge, PAEvent
P173Hoover, 1931 (May 30)Valley Forge, PAEvent
1566Institut Reform SchoolValley Forge, PA ?Education
4232Mecke, J H, FarmValley Forge, PAResidence
4233Mecke, J H, FarmValley Forge, PAResidence
4235Mecke, J H, FarmValley Forge, PAResidence
1883Residence Valley Forge, PAResidence
1793Valley ForgeValley Forge, PA Hist Site
2773Valley ForgeValley Forge, PAHist Site
P176Valley Forge, 1931 Valley Forge, PAHist Site
P178Valley Forge, 1931 Valley Forge, PAHist Site
1790-aValley Forge, arcValley Forge, PAHist Site
6838Washington's HeadquartersValley Forge, PAHist Build
1682WatchtowerValley Forge, PAGov Build ?
1783WatchtowerValley Forge, PAGov Build ?
1836Clothier, M L Villanova, PAResidence
1876Clothier, M LVillanova, PAResidence
1310Kendrick, G W Villanova, PAResidence
1311Kendrick, G W Villanova, PAResidence
1613Lloyd (Malcolm ?)Villanova, PA ??Residence
1615Lloyd (Malcolm ?)Villanova, PA ??Residence
1831MaxwellVillanova, PAResidence
1399Villanova UniversityVillanova, PAEducation
1725Villanova UniversityVillanova, PAEducation
1893Whitemarsh Country ClubWhitemarsh, PAAssociation
20106Pitcairn Airport, 1939 \Willow Grove, PATransptn
5801Real Estate, 1926Willow Grove, PAReal Estate
6525Real Estate DevWillow Grove, PA ?Real Estate
11162Newbold, A Jr, Estate *Wyndmore, PAResidence
8436Estate, 1928Wynnewood, PAResidence
4256Gibson, Mary K Wynnewood, PAResidence
1288Gibson, Miss Wynnewood, PA ?Residence
1290Gibson, Miss Wynnewood, PA ?Residence
2862Gibson, MissWynnewood, PA ?Residence