Aerial Photograph Index for Unspecified Philadelphia, N-Q

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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1868Navy YardPhila, PA Military
5052Navy YardPhila, PAMilitary
6141Navy YardPhila, PAMilitary
6286Navy YardPhila, PAMilitary
19556Navy Yard, 1939 \| *Phila, PAMilitary
19557Navy Yard, 1939 \| *Phila, PAMilitary
5484Navy Yard Bridge Site Phila, PAView
16086New Customs House,Phila ..*Phila, PA Gov Build
20016North Bros, 1939 \Phila, PA..Business
20021North Bros, 1939 \Phila, PA..Business
7858Palaestra Phila, PASports
8145Palaestra, 1928Phila, PASports
8144Palaestra,Gallaway Pottery Phila, PASports
4745ParkwayPhila, PAView
5165ParkwayPhila, PAView
7660ParkwayPhila, PAView
5414Parkway, Fairmount ParkPhila, PAView
7626Parkway, looking EPhila, PAView
8303Parkway, PhilaPhila, PAView
14401Parkway, Phila, 1931 *Phila, PAView
14402Parkway, Phila, 1931 *Phila, PAView
17486Parkway, Phila, 1936 *Phila, PAView
1588Penn BowlPhila, PASports
2898Penn BowlPhila, PASports
6797Penna Axminster Carpet Co..Phila, PA ?..Industry
6798Penna Axminster Carpet Co..Phila, PA ?..Industry
6799Penna Axminster Carpet Co..Phila, PA ?..Industry
6643Penna Sugar Refining Co Phila, PAIndustry
6644Penna Sugar Refining Co Phila, PAIndustry
5924Phila AirportPhila, PA Transptn
5926Phila AirportPhila, PA Transptn
5170Phila, CamdenPhila, PAView
22460Phila, Camden, Vic \|Phila, PAView H
1411Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
1412Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
1413Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
1414Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
1415Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
1420Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
1422Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
1423Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
1813Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
2833Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
4387Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
4390Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
4880Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
4882Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
5169Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
5377Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
5401Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
5460Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
5919Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
6273Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
6293Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
6294Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
6295Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
6342Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
7120Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
7121Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
7624Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
7625Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
7627Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
7651Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
7652Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
7945Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
11328Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
12178Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
12179Phila, Center CityPhila, PAView
5171Phila, Center City *Phila, PAView
12263Phila, Center City *Phila, PAView
13811Phila, Center City *Phila, PAView
21997Phila, Center City,Phila,S \Phila, PAView
7991Phila, Center City, 1927Phila, PAView
7992Phila, Center City, 1927Phila, PAView
P140Phila, Center City, 1930Phila, PAView
13254Phila, Center City, 1930 *Phila, PAView
13781Phila, Center City, 1930 *Phila, PAView
13812Phila, Center City, 1930 *Phila, PAView
13821Phila, Center City, 1930 *Phila, PAView
P281Phila, Center City, 1931Phila, PAView
14405Phila, Center City, 1931 *Phila, PAView
14410Phila, Center City, 1931 *Phila, PAView
14411Phila, Center City, 1931 *Phila, PAView
14818Phila, Center City, 1931 *Phila, PA View
14829Phila, Center City, 1931 *Phila, PAView
15789Phila, Center City, 1931 *Phila, PAView
18641Phila, Center City, 1937 *Phila, PA View
18951Phila, Center City, 1938 *Phila, PAView
20126Phila, Center City, 1939 \Phila, PAView
20127Phila, Center City, 1939 \Phila, PAView
20922Phila Center City,Phila N..*Phila, PAView
P258Phila Cordage,Fitler Co,1931Phila, PA..Industry
8599Phila Country Club, 1928Phila, PASports
8845Phila Country Club, 1928Phila, PA Sports
1224Phila Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
5010Phila Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
5062Phila Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
5063Phila Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
5248Phila Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
5424Phila Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
5498Phila Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
5499Phila Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
5500Phila Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
8736Phila Electric Co, 1928Phila, PA ?Public Util
8695Phila Electric Co, Del Stn..Phila, PA Public Util
8696Phila Electric Co, Del Stn..Phila, PA Public Util
8697Phila Electric Co, Del Stn..Phila, PA Public Util
8698Phila Electric Co, Del Stn..Phila, PA Public Util
8735Phila Electric Co, Del Stn..Phila, PA Public Util
8851Phila Electric Co, Del StnPhila, PA Public Util
8852Phila Electric Co, Del StnPhila, PA Public Util
8853Phila Electric Co, Del StnPhila, PA Public Util
8854Phila Electric Co, Del StnPhila, PA Public Util
1581Phila Electric Co,..Phila, PAPublic Util
6768Phila, looking N E Phila, PAView
2531-aPhila, ParkwayPhila, PAView
5495Phila Terminal Constr + W PhPhila, PAView
5216Phila, W, High School ?Phila, PAEducation
1619Phila Zoological GardensPhila, PAZoo
6767Phila,Ben Franklin BridgePhila, PAView
11333Phila,Broad+Callowhill Stn.Phila, PATransptn
11334Phila,Broad+Callowhill Stn.Phila, PATransptn
11335Phila,Broad+Callowhill Stn.Phila, PATransptn
2533-aPhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
2538-aPhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
2791PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
5168PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
5203PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
6184PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
6186PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
6187PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
6841PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
7338PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
7338PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
7654PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
21991PhiladelphiaPhila, PAView
15563Philadelphia *Phila, PAView V
18920Philadelphia *|Phila, PAView VS
18922Philadelphia *|Phila, PAView VS
18927Philadelphia *|Phila, PAView VS
21992Philadelphia \Phila, PAView
21993Philadelphia \Phila, PAView
21995Philadelphia \Phila, PAView
21996Philadelphia \Phila, PAView
21999Philadelphia \Phila, PAView
22000Philadelphia \Phila, PAView
22002Philadelphia \Phila, PAView
22003Philadelphia \Phila, PAView
22004Philadelphia \Phila, PAView
22502Philadelphia \|Phila, PAView H
22503Philadelphia \|Phila, PAView H
22504Philadelphia \|Phila, PAView H
22505Philadelphia \|Phila, PAView H
22506Philadelphia \|Phila, PAView H
22507Philadelphia \|Phila, PAView H
12424Philadelphia, 1930 *Phila, PAView V
12425Philadelphia, 1930 *Phila, PAView V
12426Philadelphia, 1930 *Phila, PAView V
12427Philadelphia, 1930 *Phila, PAView V
13808Philadelphia, 1930 *Phila, PAView
13816Philadelphia, 1930 *Phila, PAView
13818Philadelphia, 1930 *Phila, PAView
P193Philadelphia, 1931 Phila, PAView
P195Philadelphia, 1931 Phila, PAView
P205Philadelphia, 1931Phila, PAView
P277Philadelphia, 1931Phila, PAView
17137Philadelphia, 1935 *Phila, PAView
17139Philadelphia, 1935 *Phila, PAView
17142Philadelphia, 1935 *Phila, PAView
17143Philadelphia, 1935 *Phila, PAView
17195Philadelphia, 1935 *Phila, PAView
18758Philadelphia, 1937 *Phila, PAView H
18760Philadelphia, 1937 *Phila, PAView H
18762Philadelphia, 1937 *Phila, PAView H
18763Philadelphia, 1937 *Phila, PAView H
18768Philadelphia, 1937 *Phila, PAView H
18764Philadelphia, 1937 \Phila, PAView
18921Philadelphia, 1938 *|Phila, PAView VS
20141-aPhiladelphia, 1939 \Phila, PAView
19560Philadelphia, 1939 \| *Phila, PAView V
15786Philadelphia, 2000'*Phila, PAView H
21800Philadelphia 4"lens,1941 \|Phila, PAView
21987Philadelphia, ca 1940 \Phila, PAView
21994Philadelphia, ca 1940 \Phila, PAView
21998Philadelphia, ca 1940 \Phila, PAView
7657Philadelphia, E from SchuyPhila, PAView
1618Philadelphia, from 2000' Phila, PAView
8304Philadelphia, from parkway..Phila, PAView
7662Philadelphia, from SchuyPhila, PAView
7663Philadelphia, from SchuyPhila, PAView
8313Philadelphia, from W PhilaPhila, PAView
12678Philadelphia, from W,1930 *Phila, PAView
7279Philadelphia, looking N EPhila, PAView
7656Philadelphia, N E from SchuyPhila, PAView
6185Philadelphia, SchuylkillPhila, PAView
4884Phila,Roosevelt BvldPhila, PAView
2855Phila,S w/NY,Shipbuilding CoPhila, PAView
5867Phila,W, near Maloney, 1926Phila, PAView
7661Phila,W, PhilaPhila, PAView
17221Pitcairn Autogiro, 1935 *Phila, PATransptn
17223Pitcairn Autogiro, 1935 *Phila, PATransptn
17224Pitcairn Autogiro o/Art M..*Phila, PATransptn
4862-aPort RichmondPhila, PAHarbor
4862Port RichmondPhila, PAHarbor
19829Post Office, 1939 \Phila, PA..Gov Build
19859Post Office, 1939 \Phila, PA..Gov Build
19863Post Office, 1939 \Phila, PA..Gov Build
15895Post Offc,Thirthieth St StnPhila, PAConstruction
8905PRR Coal Pier (new)Phila, PA ?Transptn
8906PRR Coal Pier (new)Phila, PA ?Transptn
8907PRR Coal Pier (new)Phila, PA ?Transptn
8908PRR Coal Pier (new)Phila, PA ?Transptn
8744PRR, Federal St Yard, 1928Phila, PATransptn
8745PRR, Federal St Yard, 1928Phila, PATransptn
7655PRR Improvement AreaPhila, PA..Transptn
8140PRR Improvement Area, 1928Phila, PA..Transptn
8747PRR Produce Terminal, 1928Phila, PA ?Transptn
1424Quaker City Rubber CoPhila, PAIndustry
1425Quaker City Rubber CoPhila, PAIndustry
5987Quaker City Rubber CoPhila, PAIndustry