Aerial Photograph Index for Northeast Philadelphia

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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15794F W Tunnel Co, 1932 *Frankford, PAIndustry
5458House of Detention Frankford, PA Prison
5489House of Detention Frankford, PA Prison
5490House of Detention Frankford, PA Prison
5491House of Detention Frankford, PA Prison
5492House of Detention Frankford, PA Prison
5602-aHouse of Detention, 1926Frankford, PAPrison
21858Rohm + Haas \Frankford, PAIndustry
15790Rohm + Haas, 1932 *Frankford, PAIndustry
8084Nebel,Oscar,Hosiery Co,1928Olney, PA..Industry
5898Pennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
5901Pennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
5902Pennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
5903Pennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
5903-aPennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
5905Pennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
5906Pennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
5907Pennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
5909Pennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
5912Pennypack CreekPhila,N E, PAView
22454Philadelphia,N E \|Phila,N E, PAView
20113Philadelphia,N E, 1939 \Phila,N E, PAView
1133Sears + Roebuck CoPhila,N E, PA..Business
1344Sears + Roebuck CoPhila,N E, PA..Business
12615Sears + Roebuck Co, 1930Phila,N E, PA..Business
12616Sears + Roebuck Co, 1930Phila,N E, PA..Business
12617Sears + Roebuck Co, 1930Phila,N E, PA..Business
17365Sears + Roebuck Co, 1936 *Phila,N E, PA.. Business
11378-aWarren Mfg Co, 1929Phila,N E, PAIndustry
7946Reading Grain ElevatorPort Richmond, PABusiness ?
2841WaterfrontPort Richmond, PAHarbor
2842WaterfrontPort Richmond, PAHarbor
7953Factory, 1927Roxborough Cross,PA?Industry
5991Disston..Co, Tacony Coal..Tacony, PA Industry
5997Disston,Henry + Sons CoTacony, PA Industry
8495Disston,Henry + Sons Co,1928Tacony, PA Industry
P262Tacony Worsted Mills, 1931Tacony, PAIndustry
1427United States ArsenalTacony, PAMilitary