Aerial Photograph Index for North Philadelphia

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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1536Institution for the Blind ?Chestnut Hill, PAEducation
1552School Chestnut Hill, PAEducation
6154Audora NursuryChestnut Hill, PABusiness
13348Autogiro over Stotesbury..*Chestnut Hill, PA Transptn
4453Benson Estate Chestnut Hill, PAResidence
4467Benson Estate Chestnut Hill, PAResidence
4476Benson EstateChestnut Hill, PAResidence
13591Catholic College *Chestnut Hill, PAEducation
1625Chestnut HillChestnut Hill, PAView
1630Chestnut HillChestnut Hill, PAView
6055Chestnut HillChestnut Hill, PAView
11840Disston, Wm ?, 1930 *Chestnut Hill, PA View
18145Morris Estate, 1937 *Chestnut Hill, PAResidence
1824Morris, S FChestnut Hill, PAResidence
1877Morris, Lydia TChestnut Hill, PA Residence
1745Sharpless see 1612,1803 Chestnut Hill, PA ?Residence
1724St Joseph's AcademyChestnut Hill, PAEducation
1136Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
1462Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
1720Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
1754Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
1766Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
1779Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
1822Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
5821Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
6170Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
6171Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
6172Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
6173Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
6174Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
6175Stotesbury EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
1540Woodward, Dr, EstateChestnut Hill, PAResidence
1569Woodward, Dr, EstateChestnut Hill, PAResidence
1871Woodward, Dr, EstateChestnut Hill, PA Residence
1692Phila Cricket ClubChestnut Hill,PAAssociation
6140GermantownGermantown, PAView
7948Germantown, 1927Germantown, PAView
12303Germantown, 1930 Germantown, PAView
12304Germantown, 1930Germantown, PAView
12305Germantown, 1930Germantown, PAView
7292Germantown AcademyGermantown, PAEducation
20116Germantown, Center,1939 \Germantown, PA View
20117Germantown, Center,1939 \Germantown, PAView
20118Germantown, Center,1939 \Germantown, PAView
20119Germantown, Center,1939 \Germantown, PAView
5393Penn Charter SchoolGermantown, PAEducation
5877Penn Charter SchoolGermantown, PAEducation
5878Penn Charter SchoolGermantown, PAEducation
53Regional PlanGermantown, PAMap
19Regional Plan, negativeGermantown, PAKey
8844Manayunk Bridge,Manayunk..Manayunk, PABridge
1438Manayunk...Schuylkill..Manayunk, PA View
7003Baker + Co w/lumber yardManayunk, PA..Industry
7004Baker + Co w/lumber yardManayunk, PA..Industry
7005Baker + Co w/lumber yardManayunk, PA..Industry
7006Baker + Co w/lumber yardManayunk, PA..Industry
5604Abrasive CoPhila,N, PAIndustry
11500Abrasive Co, 1929Phila,N, PAIndustry
11501Abrasive Co, 1929Phila,N, PAIndustry
11502Abrasive Co, 1929Phila,N, PAIndustry
15772Alden Park, 1932 *Phila,N, PAPark
8252Alden Park Manor,Kenlwth ApsPhila,N, PA.. Residence
8256Alden Park Manor,Kenlwth ApsPhila,N, PA..Residence
12620Almar Stores Co, 1930Phila,N, PABusiness
12621Almar Stores Co, 1930Phila,N, PABusiness
P98Buckman + Buckman,Fkd Creek.Phila,N, PAIndustry
P99Buckman + Buckman,Fkd Creek.Phila,N, PAIndustry
P103Buckman + Buckman,Fkd Creek.Phila,N, PAIndustry
P104Buckman + Buckman,Fkd Creek.Phila,N, PAIndustry
13002Buckman+Buckman,Fkd Creek..*Phila,N, PAIndustry
19835Budd Mfg Co, 1939 \Phila,N, PAIndustry
13236Cavel Velvet Co, 1930Phila,N, PAIndustry
8141Certainteed Oil Cloth...Phila,N, PA..Industry
8142Certainteed Oil Cloth...Phila,N, PA..Industry
14387East Falls, Bridge *Phila,N, PABridge
4825Estate Phila,N, PAResidence
12613Exide Battery Co, 1930Phila,N, PAIndustry
12614Exide Battery Co, 1930Phila,N, PAIndustry
19832Exide Battery Co, 1939 \Phila,N, PAIndustry
5784Felin Lumber Co, Welsh Bros.Phila,N, PA.. Industry
5785Felin Lumber Co, Welsh Bros.Phila,N, PA.. Industry
5786Felin Lumber Co, Welsh Bros.Phila,N, PA.. Industry
5787Felin Lumber Co, Welsh Bros.Phila,N, PA.. Industry
512307Frankford, 1930Phila,N, PA View
12308Frankford, 1930Phila,N, PA View
5994Frankford ArsenalPhila,N, PAMilitary
17459Frankford High School,1936 *Phila,N, PA Education
19853Frankford High School,1939 \Phila,N, PAEducation
19854Frankford High School,1939 \Phila,N, PAEducation
19855Frankford Memorial Stad..\Phila,N, PASports
19856Frankford Memorial Stad..\Phila,N, PASports
4297Golf ClubPhila,N, PASports
P79GreenhousesPhila,N, PABusiness
P81GreenhousesPhila,N, PABusiness
P85GreenhousesPhila,N, PABusiness
P86GreenhousesPhila,N, PABusiness
7684Jewish Hospital, 1927Phila,N, PAHospital
11311Jr High School (new), 1929Phila,N, PAEducation
8255Kenilworth Apts, 1928Phila,N, PA Residence
A19Ladew,J H, Co TanneryPhila,N, PA..? A18-aIndustry
20940LaSalle University, 1940 *Phila,N, PA Education
11350Liberty Corp, 1929Phila,N, PAIndustry
11351Liberty Corp, 1929Phila,N, PAIndustry
11352Liberty Corp, 1929Phila,N, PAIndustry
11353-aLiberty Corp, 1929Phila,N, PAIndustry
11353Liberty Corp, 1929Phila,N, PAIndustry
11354Liberty Corp, 1929Phila,N, PAIndustry
12611Lumber+Millwork Co of Phila.Phila,N, PABusiness
12612Lumber+Millwork Co of Phila.Phila,N, PABusiness
12618New Olney High School, 1930Phila,N, PAEducation
12619New Olney High School, 1930Phila,N, PAEducation
19831Old Phillies Ball Park..Phila,N, PASports
17479Olney Ave, Phila,N, 1936 *Phila,N, PAStreet
8840Olney Subway Terminal, 1928Phila,N, PA Transptn
1677Philadelphia,NPhila,N, PAView
22001Philadelphia,N \Phila,N, PAView
22508Philadelphia,N \|Phila,N, PAView H
22509Philadelphia,N \|Phila,N, PAView H
22510Philadelphia,N \|Phila,N, PAView H
22511Philadelphia,N \|Phila,N, PAView H
22514Philadelphia,N \|Phila,N, PAView H
22515Philadelphia,N \|Phila,N, PAView H
22516Philadelphia,N \|Phila,N, PAView H
20871Philadelphia,N, 1940 *Phila,N, PAView
20936Philadelphia,N, 1940 *Phila,N, PAView
6558Phila,N, w/ShipyardsPhila,N, PAHarbor
12306Procter + Schwarz, 1930Phila,N, PA..Industry
12607-aProcter + Schwarz, 1930Phila,N, PA..Industry
12607Procter + Schwarz, 1930Phila,N, PA..Industry
12608Procter + Schwarz, 1930Phila,N, PA..Industry
12609Procter + Schwarz, 1930Phila,N, PA..Industry
12610Procter + Schwarz, 1930Phila,N, PA..Industry
8750PRR, Frankford Jnctn, 1928Phila,N, PATransptn
8752PRR, Frankford Jnctn, 1928Phila,N, PATransptn
12622Reading Electric Car Shop..Phila,N, PAIndustry
12623Reading Electric Car Shop..Phila,N, PAIndustry
11337Shibe Park, 1929Phila,N, PASports
11338Shibe Park, 1929Phila,N, PASports
11339Shibe Park, 1929Phila,N, PASports
13269Shibe Park, 1930 *Phila,N, PA Sports
P271Shibe Park, 1931Phila,N, PASports
P272Shibe Park, 1931Phila,N, PASports
P273Shibe Park, 1931Phila,N, PASports
P274Shibe Park, 1931Phila,N, PASports
19830Shibe Park, 1939 \Phila,N, PASports
19834Steel Heddle Mfg Co,1939 \Phila,N, PAIndustry
35843Stones Co ? *|Phila,N, PA ?Industry
35844Stones Co ? *|Phila,N, PA ?Industry
9038-aTemple StadiumPhila,N, PASports
20114Temple Stadium, 1939 \Phila,N, PASports
20115Temple Stadium, 1939 \Phila,N, PA Sports
8396Temple Stadium Site, 1928Phila,N, PAConstruction
7913Tioga Iron + Steel Co..Phila,N, PAIndustry
7914Tioga Iron + Steel Co..Phila,N, PAIndustry
7915Tioga Iron + Steel Co..Phila,N, PAIndustry
1739RoxboroughRoxborough, PA View
1740RoxboroughRoxborough, PA View
1742RoxboroughRoxborough, PA View
2520-aRoxboroughRoxborough, PA View
1733Roxborough (farmland)Roxborough, PA View
2743 Wissahickon ? Wissahickon, PA ? View
2744 Wissahickon ? Wissahickon, PA ? View
2745 Wissahickon ? Wissahickon, PA ? View
5803 Wissahickon,N, 1926 Wissahickon, PA ? View