Aerial Photograph Index for Unspecified Philadelphia, R-Z

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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11324Reading RR, N Broad St, 1929Phila, PATransptn
11330Reading RR, N Broad St, 1929Phila, PATransptn
11331Reading RR, N Broad St, 1929Phila, PATransptn
11343Reading RR, N Broad St *..Phila, PATransptn
7280Reading TerminalPhila, PATransptn
7283Reading TerminalPhila, PATransptn
41Regional PlanPhila, PAMap
25Regional Plan, negativePhila, PAKey
21037Richardson Mint Plant,1940 *Phila, PAIndustry
5777Ringling Bros B+B Circus,'26Phila, PAEntertainment
8138Rittenhouse Square + more..Phila, PAPark
8139Rittenhouse Square + more..Phila, PAPark
12703Robinhood Dell, 1930 *Phila, PATheater
6345Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
6346Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
6347Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
6348Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
6349Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
6350Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
6351Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
6353Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
6740Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
6808Rolling Green Country ClubPhila, PASports
7601Roosevelt Blvd, res areaPhila, PA Residence
7602Roosevelt Blvd, res areaPhila, PA Residence
5995Roosevelt Boulevard Phila, PAStreet
18814Roosevelt Cemetery, 1937 *Phila, PA..Cemetery
7954Roxborough Crossing, 1927Phila, PA View
8309Roxborough Cross,Stroud CoalPhila, PAView
1436RR sidings Phila, PATransptn
1223St Joseph's CollegePhila, PA Education
5619St Joseph's College, 1926Phila, PAEducation
5622St Joseph's College, 1926Phila, PAEducation
5623St Joseph's College, 1926Phila, PAEducation
4754Schuylkill, above PhilaPhila, PAView
P141Schuylkill Improv AreaPhila, PA..View
P138Schuylkill Improv Area,1930Phila, PA..Bridge
P278Schuylkill Improv Area,1931Phila, PA..Bridge
1657Schuylkill RiverPhila, PAView
7123Schuylkill RiverPhila, PAView
7278Schuylkill River,Frank Fld..Phila, PAView
6034Sesqui-CentPhila, PAExhibition
6037Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6038Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6039Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6040Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6041Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6042Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6043Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6044Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6045Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6281Sesqui-CentPhila, PAExhibition
6284Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6285Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6288Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6289Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6297Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6298Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6299Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6301Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6302Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6303Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6304Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6305Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6306Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6307Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6308Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6309Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6314-aSesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6319Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6323Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6325Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6327Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6328Sesqui-CentPhila, PAExhibition
6329Sesqui-Cent Phila, PAExhibition
6330Sesqui-CentPhila, PAExhibition
6332Sesqui-CentPhila, PAExhibition
6334Sesqui-CentPhila, PAExhibition
6335Sesqui-CentPhila, PAExhibition
6338Sesqui-CentPhila, PAExhibition
6339Sesqui-CentPhila, PAExhibition
6097Sesqui-Cent *Phila, PAExhibition
6355Sesqui-Cent *Phila, PAExhibition
6358Sesqui-Cent *Phila, PAExhibition
5054Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5055Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5161Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5162Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5211Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5213Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5217Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5218Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5337Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5339Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5340Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5341Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5420Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5463Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5475Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5476Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5477Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5478Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PA Exhibition
5479Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5480Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5482Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5486Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5487Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5721Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5732Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5733Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5735Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5736Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5737Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5739Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
5741Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
6196Sesqui-Cent SitePhila, PAExhibition
8694Sesqui-Cent Site, 1928Phila, PAExhibition
6036Sesqui-Cent, Soldr CampPhila, PAMilitary
6280Sesqui-Cent, Treasure IPhila, PAExhibition
6290Sesqui-Cent, Treasure IPhila, PAExhibition
6292Sesqui-Cent, Treasure IPhila, PAExhibition
6103Sesqui-Cent,Camp Anthony WPhila, PAMilitary
6104Sesqui-Cent,Camp Anthony WPhila, PAMilitary
7271Simon Gratz SchoolPhila, PAEducation
7272Simon Gratz SchoolPhila, PAEducation
1357Sixtieth + Baltimore AvePhila, PAStreet
5190Sixty-ninth StPhila, PAStreet
5195Sixty-ninth StPhila, PAStreet
5875Sixty-ninth StPhila, PAStreet
5876Sixty-ninth StPhila, PAStreet
12276Sixty-ninth St, 1930 *Phila, PAView
4646Sixty-third + Market StPhila, PAStreet
4647Sixty-third + Market StPhila, PAStreet
4648Sixty-third + Market StPhila, PAStreet
5308Sixty-third + Market StPhila, PAStreet
12266Sixty-third + Market..*Phila, PAResidence
19844SKF Bearing Co, 1939 \Phila, PAIndustry
19851SKF Bearing Co,1939 \Phila, PAIndustry
4877Spring Garden StPhila, PAStreet
1150Strawberry MansionPhila, PAResidence
7276Subway TerminalPhila, PATransptn
7863Tasty Cake Baking CoPhila, PABusiness
19864Tasty Cake Baking Co, 1939 \Phila, PABusiness
14831Thirtieth St Stn, 1931 * Phila, PAConstruction
15252Thirtieth St Stn, 1931 *Phila, PAConstruction
19828Thirtieth St Stn, 1939 \Phila, PATransptn
17342Traffic Circle,Roosvt Blvd.*Phila, PAStreet
8753U G I Gas Tank ?, 1928Phila, PA(10 miles) Industry
12020United S S Republic, 1930 *Phila, PAMilitary
7952University Bridge...1927Phila, PAView
15778University Bridge,1932 *Phila, PABridge
7125University of Penna, PhilaPhila, PAEducation
7668University of Penna, PhilaPhila, PAView
1587University of PennsylvaniaPhila, PAEducation
2896University of PennsylvaniaPhila, PAEducation
4308University of PennsylvaniaPhila, PA Education
7126University of PennsylvaniaPhila, PAEducation
7664University of PennsylvaniaPhila, PAEducation
7667University of PennsylvaniaPhila, PAEducation
6359University of Pennsylvania *Phila, PA Education
17720Von Hindenburg o/Phila 1936*Phila, PATransptn
17733Von Hindenburg o/Phila 1936*Phila, PA Transptn
20672Warner Co,Berk St Wharf..*Phila, PAHarbor
21985Washington Sq, Franklin Sq \Phila, PAView
21986Washington Sq, Vic \Phila, PAPark
21989Washington Sq, Vic \Phila, PAPark
19819Washington Sq, Vic, 1939 \Phila, PAPark
1196WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
1198 WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
1199WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
1201WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
2834WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
2835WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
2836WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
2852WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
2853WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
2854WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
2856WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
4860WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
5177WaterfrontPhila, PAHarbor
25663Waterfront *|Phila, PAHarbor
13829Waterfront, 1930 *Phila, PAHarbor
13831Waterfront, 1930 *Phila, PAHarbor
21739Waterfront, 1941 \Phila, PA Harbor
2843Waterfront, ferries..Phila, PA Harbor
4873Waterfront, N EPhila, PAHarbor
12423Waterfront, Phila, 1930 *Phila, PAView V
5178Waterfront S,Luckenbach LinePhila, PAHarbor
5183Waterfront S,Luckenbach LinePhila, PAHarbor
12422Waterfront, Phila, 1930 *Phila, PAView V
12428Waterfront, Phila, 1930 *Phila, PAView V
6769Waterfronts, Phila + CamPhila, PAHarbor
6770Waterfronts, Phila + CamPhila, PAHarbor
5184Waterfronts, Phila, CamPhila, PAHarbor
21737Waterfronts,Phila,Cam 1941 \Phila, PA Harbor
1589Webbs Factory Phila, PA ?Industry
1434Westinghouse Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
1534Westinghouse Electric Co Phila, PAPublic Util
1545Westinghouse Electric CoPhila, PAPublic Util
21812Westinghouse Electric Co..\Phila, PAPublic Util
21813Westinghouse Electric Co..\Phila, PAPublic Util
6571Willow Grove Amusement Park*Phila, PARecreation
7951Wissahickon Phila, PAPark
6189Wissahickon Dr w/Mayfair HsPhila, PAView
2897Wissahickon, entrance..Phila, PAPark
6635WJZ Radio Corp of AmericaPhila, PAReligion
19866Women's Med College of PA.\Phila, PA..Education
5620York Rd + Broad St, 1926Phila, PAStreet