Aerial Photograph Index for Unidentified Locations

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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18310Aero-Service Plane *|UnidTransptn
28654Arabian Obliques ? *|UnidTransptn ?
1862-aAusten UnidResidence
13332Autogiro, 1930 *UnidTransptn
13354Autogiro, 1930 *UnidTransptn
8497Baker Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8498Baker Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8499Baker Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8892Baldwin's Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8893Baldwin's Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8896Baldwin's Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8897Baldwin's Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8898Baldwin's Co, 1928UnidIndustry
5711Baltimore + Ohio RR ?UnidTransptn
5713Baltimore + Ohio RR ?UnidTransptn
5714Baltimore + Ohio RR ?UnidTransptn
5717Baltimore + Ohio RR ?UnidTransptn
6109Bank of Broadlawn (site ?)UnidBusiness ?
AC120Barrett CoUnidIndustry
1542Beaumore, DrUnidResidence
11379Bellanca Tandem,1929 *Unid Transptn
17858Bircher Brewery ?, 1936 *UnidIndustry
22521Brewster Airport \|UnidTransptn H
5828Buckman Farm UnidResidence
5829Buckman Farm UnidResidence
5830Buckman Farm UnidResidence
5831Buckman Farm UnidResidence
5832Butterworth FarmUnidResidence
5832Butterworth Farm UnidResidence
5833Butterworth FarmUnidResidence
5834Butterworth FarmUnidResidence
5835Butterworth FarmUnidResidence
5836Butterworth FarmUnid Residence
5837Butterworth FarmUnid Residence
2775Carpenter Steel CoUnidIndustry
17348Carroll,Bill, Real Estate..*UnidReal Estate
1285Clard, Herbert L, UnidResidence
1700Clothier, M L (new one)UnidResidence
A36-aCoastlineUnidView V
A11-aCoastline see A10-aUnidView
A10-aCoastline see A11-aUnidView
1773Cork and Paper Cos UnidIndustry
5086-aCountry w/Yardley's BridgeUnidView
19845Doane Blabon Co, 1939 \UnidIndustry
AC197Dunbar Co ?UnidIndustry V
AC198Dunbar Co ?UnidIndustry V
8251Edison Cement Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8258Edison Cement Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8260Edison Cement Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8261Edison Cement Co, 1928UnidIndustry
1439Eldins EstateUnidResidence
5281Episcopal Farm SchoolUnidEducation
5282Episcopal Farm SchoolUnidEducation
5283Episcopal Farm SchoolUnidEducation
5284Episcopal Farm SchoolUnidEducation
13940Erlen Park, 1931 *UnidReal Estate
11304Essex Rubber Co, 1929UnidIndustry
1712Estate UnidResidence
4302Estate UnidResidence
3375Estate and Farm see 3362UnidResidence
3362Estate and Farm see 3375UnidResidence
2507Factory UnidIndustry
2538-nFactory UnidIndustry
6160Factory UnidIndustry
6157Factory (paper mill ?)UnidIndustry
P224Factory, 1931UnidIndustry
5092Factory near Yardley's BrUnidIndustry
5093Factory near Yardley's BrUnidIndustry
5094Factory near Yardley's BrUnidIndustry
5095Factory near Yardley's BrUnidIndustry
5096Factory near Yardley's BrUnidIndustry
6164Factory see 6162....UnidIndustry
6165Factory see 6162....UnidIndustry
6166Factory see 6162....UnidIndustry
6167Factory see 6162....UnidIndustry
6162Factory see 6164....UnidIndustry
2510Farm UnidResidence
2504Farm Community, graveyardUnidView
34-aFeilds (test made at Patco).UnidView V
34-bFields (test made at Patco).UnidView V
A12-aFields bordering A11-bUnidView
A13-bFields bordering A11-bUnidView
A14-aFields bordering A11-bUnidView
22517Filler Works Vic \|UnidView H
17350Flood Real Estate Dev,1936 *UnidReal Estate
17354Flood Real Estate Dev,1936 *UnidReal Estate
18262Flood Real Estate,Mayfair..*UnidReal Estate
21789Fort Meade \|UnidMilitary
6595General Electric CoUnid Public Util
12629General Steel Castings,1930UnidIndustry
2772Glen Gery Brick CoUnidIndustry
4262Golf ClubUnidSports
4285Golf Club UnidSports
4296Golf ClubUnidSports
11287Graf Zeppelin in hangar..UnidTransptn
11288Graf Zeppelin in hangar..UnidTransptn
11282Graf Zeppelin over fieldUnidTransptn
11285Graf Zeppelin over field..UnidTransptn
11286Graf Zeppelin over field..UnidTransptn
11289Graf Zeppelin over field...UnidTransptn
11291Graf Zeppelin over field..UnidTransptn
25104Grand Coulee Dam \|UnidPublic Util
1563Group w/planeUnidPortrait
11290Hangar w/ Graf Zeppelin..Unid Transptn
1855Harris + SonsUnidIndustry
4495Hill, C V (farmland w/pond)UnidView
4496Hill, C V (farmland w/pond)UnidView
4814Hiltonia UnidReal Estate
5016Hiltonia Unid Real Estate
5024Hiltonia UnidReal Estate
5033Hiltonia UnidReal Estate
5034Hiltonia UnidReal Estate
5035Hiltonia UnidReal Estate
6796Hudson Park (rural area)UnidView
5086-bHughes Park UnidReal Estate
5087Hughes Park UnidReal Estate
5088Hughes Park UnidReal Estate
5086-cHughes Park *UnidReal Estate
16477Indianapolis,Atlantic Flt..*UnidMilitary
4510Ingersoll Rand CoUnidIndustry
4511Ingersoll Rand CoUnidIndustry
2521Institution UnidB Inst ?
2522Institution UnidB Inst ?
2538-wInstitution UnidB Inst ?
18555Kauffman + more *UnidResidence
33Kellett Autogiro #1UnidTransptn
32Kellett Autogiro #2UnidTransptn
31Kellett Autogiro #3UnidTransptn
30Kellett Autogiro #4UnidTransptn
29Kellett Autogiro #5UnidTransptn
28Kellett Autogiro #6UnidTransptn
1530Kendall, George W UnidResidence
1533Kendall, George W UnidResidence
1828La Boudelleur UnidResidence
8147La France Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8148La France Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8149La France Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8205La France Co, 1928UnidIndustry
8249La France Co, 1928Unid Industry
2501Land and Farm UnidView
AC203Latrobe Co ?UnidIndustry V
AC206Latrobe Co ?UnidIndustry
AC207Latrobe Co ?UnidIndustry
AC208Latrobe Co ?UnidIndustry
AC209Latrobe Co ?UnidIndustry
AC210Latrobe Co ?UnidIndustry
AC211Latrobe Co ?UnidIndustry
1543Leach, GeorgeUnidResidence
1890Leach, GeorgeUnidResidence
6143Lewies (farmland)UnidView
6144Lewies (farmland)UnidView
6145Lewies (farmland)UnidView
6146Lewies (farmland)UnidView
6147Lewies (farmland)UnidView
6148Lewies (farmland)UnidView
6151Lewies (farmland)UnidView
6152Lewies (farmland)UnidView
6168Lewies (Farmland)UnidView
5788Liddenfield-Frankford ? 1926UnidView
6529Los Angeles UnidTransptn
6530Los Angeles UnidTransptn
1696Loudertown # 1 ?UnidView
1695Loudertown # 2 ? UnidView
1694Loudertown # 4 ?UnidView
P237Ludington Passenger PlaneUnidTransptn
7829Mack Truck CoUnidIndustry
5497Marlton Pike UnidTransptn
15945Maroney's Junk Yard, 1933 *UnidBusiness
6839Master Fox Ranch IncUnidBusiness
5822Matthews Co UnidIndustry
18855McCoy's Plane under repair.*UnidTransptn
2538-qMorrison, WileyUnidResidence
6587Murray EstateUnidResidence
2538-sNeighborhood and ParkUnidPark
AC189Newell Co ?UnidIndustry V
AC190Newell Co ?UnidIndustry V
AC194Newell Co ?UnidIndustry
AC195Newell Co ?UnidIndustry
14775NJ Fire Patrol Plane, 1931 *UnidFire ?
6445NJ Public Service SubstationUnidPublic Util ?
2769Nolte and Horst CoUnidIndustry
7253North Carolina Col for WomenUnidEducation
7255North Carolina Col for WomenUnidEducation
7256North Carolina Col for WomenUnidEducation
23219North Dakota Flood Area \|UnidView
1482Official Tough GangUnidPortrait
4596P R T Car Barns UnidTransptn
4596P R T Car Barns UnidTransptn
4597P R T Car Barns UnidTransptn
4598P R T Car Barns UnidTransptn
4599P R T Car Barns UnidTransptn
2525P R T Park Site UnidTransptn ?
2529P R T Park Site UnidTransptn ?
2531P R T Park Site UnidTransptn ?
2532P R T Park Site UnidTransptn ?
2533P R T Park Site UnidTransptn ?
2536P R T Park Site UnidTransptn ?
18001Patco Flying Fld,Aero-Ship.*UnidTransptn
2716Penn Sand + Gravel UnidIndustry
2717Penn Sand + Gravel UnidIndustry
2808Penn Sand + GravelUnidIndustry
P255Penna Forge Corp, 1931UnidIndustry
P257Penna Forge Corp, 1931UnidIndustry
P259Penna Forge Corp, 1931UnidIndustry
P263Penna Forge Corp, 1931UnidIndustry
P266Penna Forge Corp, 1931UnidIndustry
4237Pepper, SenatorUnidResidence
4238Pepper, SenatorUnidResidence
7598-aPheonix Nursery, 1927UnidBusiness
8702Phila Electric Co,Richmond..Unid Public Util
8703Phila Electric Co,Richmond..Unid Public Util
22240Pike's Peak \|UnidView
1152Pilots; Vic Dallin, BounichUnidPortrait
14Pitcairn #1001(Cervia's 1st)UnidTransptn
11Pitcairn Machine Parts UnidStill Life
15Pitcairn Plane #1000UnidTransptn
13Pitcairn Plane #1002UnidTransptn
1684Plane over feildsUnidTransptn
7918Ponish + Read (res area)UnidView
7920Ponish + Read (res area)UnidView
7921Ponish + Read (res area)UnidView
7922Ponish + Read (res area)UnidView
1663Priestly UnidResidence
1665Priestly UnidResidence
11443PRR Station, 1929UnidTransptn
8746PRR Wood Preserving Plant..UnidTransptn
2526Real EstateUnidReal Estate
2785Real Estate see 2780 ?UnidReal Estate
2537Remington Bernelle PlaneUnidTransptn
1659Residence UnidResidence
1660Residence UnidResidence
1679Residence UnidResidence
1680Residence UnidResidence
1702Residence UnidResidence
1703Residence UnidResidence
1709Residence UnidResidence
1727Residence UnidResidence
1729Residence UnidResidence
1730Residence UnidResidence
1731Residence UnidResidence
1732Residence UnidResidence
1734Residence UnidResidence
1735Residence UnidResidence
1737Residence UnidResidence
1759Residence UnidResidence
1761Residence UnidResidence
1777Residence UnidResidence
1786Residence UnidResidence
1787Residence UnidResidence
1799Residence UnidResidence
1801Residence UnidResidence
1802Residence UnidResidence
1808Residence UnidResidence
1809Residence UnidResidence
1810Residence UnidResidence
1811Residence UnidResidence
1826Residence UnidResidence
1827Residence UnidResidence
1829Residence UnidResidence
1830Residence UnidResidence
1832Residence UnidResidence
1835Residence UnidResidence
1872Residence UnidResidence
1873Residence UnidResidence
1879 Residence UnidResidence
1880Residence UnidResidence
1882Residence UnidResidence
1888Residence UnidResidence
2538-bResidence UnidResidence
2538-fResidence UnidResidence
2538-gResidence UnidResidence
2538-hResidence UnidResidence
2538-iResidence UnidResidence
2538-jResidence UnidResidence
2538-kResidence UnidResidence
2538-lResidence UnidResidence
2538-mResidence UnidResidence
2538-tResidence UnidResidence
2538-uResidence UnidResidence
2538-vResidence UnidResidence
2892Residence UnidResidence
2893Residence UnidResidence
2897-aResidence UnidResidence
2538-rResidences UnidResidence
22499Ridley Township,vic \|UnidView H
22500Ridley Township,vic \|UnidView H
64-1-10River *UnidView
P227River, 1931UnidView
P223River, Quarry, 1931UnidView
21874Rossiter Dock, Seaplane \UnidTransptn
3363School ?UnidEducation ?
3364School ?UnidEducation ?
1755Schuylkill River + townUnidView
15721Sikorsky Airplane, 1932 *UnidTransptn
7001Smith CoUnidIndustry
1280Smith, H Huerbe, UnidResidence
1520Smith, Hershel W UnidResidence
1521Smith, Hershel W UnidResidence
1284Snowden,George R, EstateUnidResidence
1834Snowden,George R, EstateUnidResidence
21585Snowden,George R, Estate \UnidResidence
11170South Mountain ManorUnid Hotel ?
4243Sprawl, GovUnidResidence
5667Standard Heater CoUnidIndustry
5670Standard Heater CoUnidIndustry
1760State FarmUnidB Inst
5841Sterling Colt Leather CoUnidIndustry
A30-bStorage Tanks, WoodsUnidView V
AC162Sulphide Co ?UnidIndustry V
AC164Sulphide Co ?UnidIndustry V
AC165Sulphide Co ?UnidIndustry V
AC166Sulphide Co ?UnidIndustry
AC167Sulphide Co ?UnidIndustry
1323Swedenbergen Theological SemUnidEducation
8826Swimming Pool Blvd(pub pool)UnidRecreation
8827Swimming Pool Blvd(pub pool)UnidRecreation
8828Swimming Pool Blvd(pub pool)UnidRecreation
8842Swimming Pool Blvd(pub pool)UnidRecreation
8843Swimming Pool Blvd(pub pool)UnidRecreation
2502Town UnidView
2538-eTown UnidView
2538-dTown UnidView
2538-cTown UnidView
35Town (test at Patco)..UnidView V
3365Town and FarmlandUnidView
A15-aTown bordering A11-bUnidView
A11-bTown see A10-bUnidView
A10-bTown see A11-bUnidView
A37Town see A36-b..UnidView
A39-aTown see A36-b..UnidView
A36-bTown see A37..UnidView
A92Town see A91..UnidView
A93Town see A91..UnidView
A94Town see A91..UnidView
A91Town see A92..UnidView
15167-aUS Navy Akron (blimp) 1931 *UnidMilitary
1825Van Camp Hill UnidResidence
1283Vause,H P, UnidResidence
8841Watson Stabilators CoUnidIndustry
6190White, E A ? (town, harbor)UnidView
5895White, F R ?UnidView
5621Widener Memorial Home, 1926UnidB Inst
19002Wing's Flying Fld, 1938 *UnidTransptn
1616Wood UnidResidence
7980Wood,R D, Co, 1927UnidIndustry
7995Wood,R D, Co, 1927UnidIndustry
7996Wood,R D, Co, 1927UnidIndustry
7997Wood,R D, Co, 1927UnidIndustry
7998Wood,R D, Co, 1927UnidIndustry
7999Wood,R D, Co, 1927UnidIndustry
A28-bWoodsUnidView V
A29-aWoodsUnidView V
A30-aWoodsUnidView V
A39-bWoodsUnidView V
A42-aWoodsUnidView V
P222Woods, 1931UnidView
P225Woods, 1931UnidView
P226Woods, 1931UnidView
A40-aWoods, FarmlandUnidView
P228Woods, River, 1931UnidView
1631Woodside ParkUnidPark
1620Woodside Park, ReseviorUnidPark
5079-b Woodward FarmsUnidResidence
5080Woodward FarmsUnidResidence
4816-aWorkhouse UnidB Inst ?
1437York Rd Country ClubUnidSports