Aerial Photograph Index for Unspecified Pennsylvania Locations

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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20898Allied Chemical Co, 1940 *Gray's Ferry, PA ?Industry
2851Hog Island Docks Hog Island, PA Harbor
1211Hog Island ShipyardHog Island, PA Harbor
1216Hog Island ShipyardHog Island, PA Harbor
1387WaterfrontHog Island, PA Harbor
1388WaterfrontHog Island, PA Harbor
5793Real EstateHollywood, PA Real Estate
5866Real Estate, 1926Maloney, PAReal Estate
1814MiddletownMiddletown, UnidView
1816MiddletownMiddletown, UnidView
6511Dragon Portland Cement CoSiegfried, PAIndustry
6153SpringfieldSpringfield, PAView
1469SummertonSummerton, PAView
1446SummertownSummertown, PAView
4774Church Farm SchoolUnid, PAEducation
4776Church Farm SchoolUnid, PAEducation
4777Church Farm SchoolUnid, PAEducation
4778Church Farm SchoolUnid, PAEducation
4781Church Farm SchoolUnid, PA Education
4783Church Farm SchoolUnid, PAEducation
6106Drexel ParkUnid, PAPark
4775Royal,Thos M, CoUnid, PAIndustry
4779Royal,Thos M, CoUnid, PAIndustry
4780Royal,Thos M, CoUnid, PAIndustry
6223RR w/trainUnid, PATransptn
8606Rural AreaUnid, PA ?View
33725Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33726Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33727Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33728Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33729Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33730Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33731Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33732Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33733Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33734Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33735Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33736Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33737Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33738Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33739Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33740Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33741Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33742Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33743Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33744Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33745Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33746Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33747Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33748Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33749Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33750Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33751Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
33752Turnpike Exit *|Unid, PATransptn
5800Wanamaker, 1926Unid, PA ?Residence