Aerial Photograph Index for West Philadelphia

The format of this list is as follows:

Identification number of negative Name of Site Location Subject Matter or nature of site

The views are listed alphabetically by the location name

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5612McWilliams + Maloney * 1926Overbrook Hills, PAIndustry
5613-aMcWilliams + Maloney * 1926 Overbrook Hills, PAIndustry
5589Overbrook HillsOverbrook Hills, PAView
5590Overbrook HillsOverbrook Hills, PAView
5210Friends' Central SchoolOverbrook, PA..Education
5723Friends' Central SchoolOverbrook, PA..Education
1431Greenhill Farms (apts)Overbrook, PA..Residence
1865Greenhill Farms (apts)Overbrook, PA..Residence
1866Greenhill Farms (apts) Overbrook, PA..Residence
1867Greenhill Farms (apts)Overbrook, PA..Residence
1870Greenhill Farms (apts)Overbrook, PA..Residence
5208Greenhill Farms (apts)Overbrook, PA..Residence
1146St Charles Borromeo SemOverbrook, PA..Education
1179St Charles Borromeo SemOverbrook, PA..Education
1430St Charles Borromeo SemOverbrook, PA..Education
1869St Charles Borromeo SemOverbrook, PA..Education
8546St Charles Borromeo Sem,1928Overbrook, PA..Education
8547St Charles Borromeo Sem,1928Overbrook, PA..Education
8549St Charles Borromeo Sem,1928Overbrook, PA..Education
8550St Charles Borromeo Sem,1928Overbrook, PA..Education
1736Wood,Morris, Estate Overbrook, PA..Residence
12460Brille Co, 1930Phila,S W, PAIndustry
12458DuPont Co,Grasselli Chem..Phila,S W, PAIndustry
22501Philadelphia,S W \|Phila,S W, PAView H
12162Schuylkill River, 1930 *Phila,S W, PAView
12461United States Gypsum Co,1930Phila,S W, PAIndustry
8307American Stores Co, 1928Phila,W, PA ?Business
12457Breyer's Ice CreamPhila,W, PABusiness
12456Breyer's Ice Cream, 1930Phila,W, PABusiness
13242Convention Hall, 1930 *Phila,W, PAGov Build
5864Cowen + surrounding houses..Phila,W, PAResidence
5865Cowen + surrounding houses..Phila,W, PAResidence
12464Federal Container Corp,1930Phila,W, PAIndustry
12466Federal Container Corp,1930Phila,W, PAIndustry
12468Federal Container Corp,1930Phila,W, PAIndustry
12268Forty-eighth St (res area) *Phila,W, PAResidence
12050Forty-sixth + Market,1930 *Phila,W, PAB Inst
5064Franklin FieldPhila,W, PASports
4684General Electric CoPhila,W, PAPublic Util
7133-aGeneral Electric CoPhila,W, PAPublic Util
12469General Electric Co, 1930Phila,W, PAPublic Util
25427Penn/Army Football Game *|Phila,W, PA..Sports
5610Phila,W, golf course, 1926Phila,W, PAView
5618Phila,W, w/institution, 1926Phila,W, PAView
8135Provident Mutual Bank, 1928Phila,W, PA ?Business
8136Provident Mutual Bank, 1928Phila,W, PA ?Business
3354PRR yards Phila,W, PATransptn
4867-aRR YardsPhila,W, PATransptn