Philadelphia Places by Area

An alphabetical listing of records in Philadelphia County

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The abbreviation following each record refers to the type of record, with the following format:

NRS=National Register Site
PHD=Doctoral Dissertation
MST=Masters Thesis
UGT=Undergraduate Thesis
HABS: HABS/HAER Structure or Site
HHR=Historic House Report by University of Pennsylvania Graduate Students
HSR=Historic Structure Report

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  • Society Hill

    Bounded by Locust, South, Front, and Ninth Streets

  • Old City

    Bounded by Locust, Vine, Front, and Ninth Streets

  • West Washington Square

    Bounded by Vine, South, Ninth, and Broad Streets

  • Rittenhouse

    Bounded by Vine, South and Broad Streets and the Schuylkill River

  • South Philadelphia

    Bounded by South Street and the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers

  • West Philadelphia

    Bounded by the County Line on the west and the Schulkill River and Fairmount Park's boundary on the east

  • Fairmount Park

    Bounded by Parkside Ave, N. 33rd Street, and Ridge Avenue

  • Northwest Philadelphia

    Bounded by Roosevelt Boulevard, Winghocking Avenue, and N. Broad Street on the east, and the county line on the north, south, and west

  • North Philadelphia

    Bounded by Vine Street onthe south, N. 6th Strett on the east, the county line on the north, and N. Broad Street, Winghocking Avenue, Roosevelt Boulevard, N. 33rd Street, and the Schuylikill river on the west.

  • Delaware River Corridor

    Bounded by Vine Street on the south, the Delaware River on the east, the county line on the north, and N. 6th Street on the west.

  • Philadelphia Themes

  • Unknown Philadelphia

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