Birch's Views

[Note: All images of Birch's views were obtained from the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP).]

The numbers used are taken from Snyder's City of Independence.
Click on the numbers for the titles of the views. Click on the colored spots for the views.

201. Arch Street Ferry, Philadelphia. (color)

202. Arch Street, with the Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.

203. New Lutheran Church, in Fourth Street Philadelphia.

204. Old Lutheran Church in Fifth Street in Philadelphia.

205. South East Corner of Third and Market Streets.

206. High Street, with the First Presbytarian Church, Philadelphia.

207. High Street Market Philadelphia.

208A. (First State) High Street, from the market-place Philadelphia.

208B. (Second State) High Street, from the market-place Philadelphia: with the procession in commemoration of the Death of General George Washington, Dec 26th 1799.

209. High Street, from Ninth Street Philadelphia.

210. The House intended for the President of the United States in Ninth Street Philadelphia.

211. An unfinished House in Chestnut Street Philadelphia.

212. Second Street North from Market Street with the Christ Church Philadelphia.

213. New Market, in South Second Street Philadelphia.

214. (Preliminary plate found in some copies) Bank of the United States, with a view of Third Street Philadelphia.

215. Bank of the United States, in Third Street Philadelphia.

216. View in Third Street, from Spruce Street Philadelphia.

217. Library and Surgeons Hall, in Fifth Street Philadelphia.

218. Congress Hall and New Theatre, in Chestnut Street Philadelphia.

219. State-House, with a view of Chestnut Street Philadelphia.

220. Back of the State House, Philadelphia.

221. State- House Garden, Philadelphia.

222. Goal [Gaol] in Walnut Street Philadelphia.

223. Alms House in Spruce Street Philadelphia.

224. Pennsylvania Hospital, in Pine Street Philadelphia.

225. Bank of Pennsylvania, South Second Street Philadelphia.

226. The Water Works, in Centre Square Philadelphia.

229. Theatre, in Chestnut Street Philadelphia.*

* Addition to Snyder's list.