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Registrar's Office, Dalton Hall, Room 110, (610) 526-5022
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Carol W. Campbell, The Constance and Adelaide Jones Curator of the College's Collections, (610) 526-5335

Tamara Johnston, Registrar of the College's Collections, (610) 526-5022

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William A.Keely Collection, a key part of a collection of late 19th-century architectural journals: a gathering of scanned plates which will eventually bridge various collections, indexed by architect, journal, date, location, and building type.

Joseph M. Fox Collection, Bryn Mawr College: a collection of some twenty-six watercolors, mostly depicting downtown Philadelphia street views and dating from the 1910s.

Ellis Kiser, Atlas of Lower Merion, Montgomery Co., including part of Delaware Co., and Overbrook Farms, Wynnefield & Overbrook, Philadelphia: A. H. Mueller, 1896 (from Canaday Library, Bryn Mawr College). This covers the "Main Line" of the Pennsylvania Railroad, from Overbrook to Villanova . [scanned in full].

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