Athenaeum of Philadelphia

219 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
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James Dillon and Karl Lutz Collections, Athenaeum of Philadelphia: a list of several hundred 20th-century photographs of architectural subjects, ordered by general location.

Catalogue of the T Square Club, 1914: a complete scan of the published catalogue for this Philadelphia-based club, which organized annual exhibitions from the 1880s through the 1930s. This is representative of the typical catalogue from the middle of this run, and it is also indexed by architect, location, and building type, and includes the advertsing sections as well.

W. L. Breton views: A rich body of early watercolor views of the area are several dozen by William L. Breton, mostly from the 1820s and 1830s. These are distributed among the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, the Library Company of Philadelphia, and other repositories. We have scanned and posted a good proportion of these.

Rae's Philadelphia Pictorial Directory and Panoramic Advertiser, 1851: Accesible via a list and a map of them alone.This earliest set of panoramas was published as a bound oversize volume in 1851 by Julio Rae, and depicts both sides of the blocks of Chestnut Street from Second to Tenth streets.

U. Penn. HP 600 papers: detailed, focused monographic documentation studies on Philadelphia-area places, directed by Dr. Roger W. Moss, 1981-96, collected at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

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