News Clipping June 30, 1857

from Poulson Scrapbook , 9:58 , Library Company of Philadelphia
-- Junette Teng and Leah Min

Disappearing.-- The old fashioned three story brick houses, with their low ceilings and monstrous chimney stacks, are disappearing gradually, and in the business parts of the city these survivors of good slow old-times are becoming very scarce and far between. These structures were put up in the days when storekeepers were content with very contracted quarters for their businesses, provided they could have the rear and upper portions of the building they occupied for their dwellings. ...

... Although very respectable in point of size and appearance in their day and generation, they had outlived both, and they have just disappeared to make way for something better up to the requirements of the age. Workmen are now engaged in setting upon their site a row of brown stone columns, which give promise of a handsome improvement upon the spot, which will be in keeping with the architectural character of the neighborhood.

Thirty years ago Third and Chestnut streets was a very different neighborhood from what it is at present. Upon both sides of Third street from Chestnut street south, there were generally old fashioned shops and dwellings. There was probably not a single building in the neighborhood, except the Girard Bank, in which a family did not reside. The site of the Exchange was covered with heavy warehouses, boarding-houses, and dead and alive little offices. The brokers had not yet overrun the "coast," although some of the mammonish craft were cruising, even at that time, about the vicinity.