Efforts in progress:

LT=Limin Teh; AC=Aaron Cooper; SE=Sally Elk; TJ=Tom Johnson; WBM=Barksdale Maynard; JC=Jeff Cohen

Moss student papers: LT is annotating Athnm list, adding data about building, report contents on each; plan to web as searchable list with anchors, post in this form; make geographical finding aid;

Other student papers: AC searching on line.
WBM checking out Del, Winterthur sources.

Govt surveys: AC compiling lists of NHLs, NRs, HABS/HAER properties in 5-county area, from on-line sources.

Rae's panoramas: Bruce Laverty has had raw scans made, JC processing for web.

Baxter's Panoramas: LT scanning those at Athnm

HSR's: SE devising groundwork for finding, first in libraries, then via firms. Same for 106 reviews.

Atlases: JC having 1896 Main Line atlas shot at BMC.

db s: TJ will try to recover PHC's
FFI, PA ready to go
LMPT to be updated slightly
TJ will help try to figure out how to mount on web, including papers lists to become part of dbs.

threatened buildings: JC in discussions with Charlie Evers of Atkin, Olshin, etc. about compilation of lists of threatened buildings in area. also list of post-WWII landmark buildings in area.

visits: preliminary visits made to PCA, AKM, Athnm, FLP

hardware: TJ scoping out wavering purchase plans. presently thinking laptop, flatbed scanner, and jaz drive that can operate off dual platform. Do raw scans, demo project locally on laptop at various sites, clean up scans on desktops at BMC, elsewhere. Do other repositories have scanners we can use there? Finally make decision about mac/wintel?

continuing discussions about approach: resources in full, vs demo of depth, friendliness of front end; wariness of mission creep into thousands of directions;

Sally away till 17th June; Tom available starting in July; next internal mtg June 19th at BMC.
url: www.brynmawr.edu/Acads/Cities/iconog/effs.html; last rev. 7 June 1997; Thoughts?