Barnum's Museum,1851


Destroyed by Fire December 30th, 1857

Southeast corner of Seventh and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

Exterior view of five-storey building displaying banners of Fat Woman and Sea Lion. The United States flag flies from mast on roof. Street level of building houses also "Lee & Walker," a music store; "E.D. Walker," which sold Chickering pianos; and "C. G. Henderson" which sold books and stationery. A three-storey red brick building (private residence?) with walled garden is adjacent on the Chestnut Street side. There are leaves on the trees. Next to that is the white, five-storey "Jones Hotel." A yellow horsecar, drawn by two horses, has the words "Exchange" on the top of it and "10 St." on the side. The people include four couples; an unescorted female and ten men in groups of two or singly. Six of them carry canes or rolled umbrellas. Many of them wear top hats. One of the women carries a parasol. There is an additional man on a horse. The horsecar has a driver, three passengers and there appears to be an additional man on the back. In front of the hotel are two coaches, one of which has a driver. There appears to be a street vendor in front of the museum building. Crosswalks are indicated on both streets at the corners by the placement of exceptionally large flat stones.

Drawn for Ferdinand J. Dreer, 1851.

Compare with P.8933.4 (Southeast corner of Chestnut and Seventh Streets)

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.001 /evans/lcp001.html
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