Southwest Corner of Broad and Callowhill Street, November 1878

The central feature of this scene is "G. Bertsch Harness Maker," a one-storey building. Harnesses and horses' collars are displayed in the windows and outside on saw horses. The Callowhill side of this building has an open-air eating stand with six stools in front of a counter attached to it. It is protected by a shallow awning. There is a woman server and two customers. The enterprise is owned by T. W. Pilling. Next is "Stoddart & Bro. Extensive Retail Dry Goods House." Next is a "Blacksmith Shop No Admittance" with horses in two of the three bays. At the far right of the scene is the terminal for the Peoples Passenger Railway Co. There are 10 figures in addition to the ones already mentioned. A four-wheeled open vehicle with folding hood carries a couple (the lady with her parasol open). The driver with whip in hand controls the two horses. Horsecar tracks are installed on Callowhill Street and telegraph poles line both streets. The dome of the Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul is in the background. A smokestack (?) is near the right margin.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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