Nelson House, 1880

Northwest Corner Broad and Callowhill Streets (Torn Down April 1880).

The central feature is a "Hotel Restaurant & Coffee House." Dining Room and Bar Room are separate. "Meals At All Hours" and "Oysters" are advertised. A decorative wrought iron balcony is at the second floor level. In addition to the shuttered windows, there are three roundels, one at each level above the street. In the background is the Baldwin Locomotive Works. A flagman is directing a locomotive which is giving off black smoke. There is also a boxcar in the yard. Two parallel tracks are being used by two yellow horsecars going in opposite directions. Wording on one is: "Fairmount," Vine St. Ferry," and "Callowhill." Each is pulled by two horses driven by a man with a whip. Crossing the tracks is a closed coach with two side lamps pulled by two horses. There is a smaller two-wheeled, one-horse vehicle with an open hood. A pedestrian is helping the driver control the horse. To the left of the hotel are one-storey, small offices, primarily of coal businesses. Visible names are "Branson Coal Depot," "J. Galbrath White Ash,: "Henry & Escher Lehigh Coal," "James Neil ." There is also a telegraph office and tobacco and segar store. There are two telegraph poles of different heights and a gas lamp on the corner. There are several adult figures and two children visible.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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