Northwest corner of Broad and Vine Streets, November 1878

Philadelphia, Pa.

To the left is the large building, #1415, belonging to "R. M. Green Soda Water Fountains " A nearby store advertises "Oysters." The green corner building houses "M. O'Donnell Wines & Liquors." The pink building to the right on Broad Street also has a sign for "Wine & Lager Beer," but it also houses the "Quabeck Segar Manufactory." To the far right, advertisements are visible papering the side of another building. There is a telegraph pole and horsecar tracks run on Vine Street. The two leafless trees are protected by wrought iron fencing.There are fourteen adults in the scene and one child.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.017 /evans/lcp017.html
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