Northwest corner of Broad and Filbert Streets, 1879

Philadelphia, Pa.

The corner building facing Filbert Street carries a sign for "Donaldson." Its windows and doorways are distinguished by their bright, white dripcaps. The side of this building carries a sign for "Lager beer."To the left, still on Filbert Street are three 3 1/2-storey townhouses. To the right facing Broad Street are two barber poles and "Shaving" painted on the wall. There is also a sign for "Cold beer Premium Lager." Next right is the "Keystone Hotel" with "To Let" on the wall.Several of these buildings are trimmed above street level with wrought iron. There are numerous people in the scene including three couples, two men crossing the street, a solitary man, and a newsboy with his papers. Horsecar tracks and a telegraph pole without wires are also visible.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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