Southeast corner of Broad and Carpenter Streets, 1884

Opposite old Baltimore R. R. Depot, Philadelphia, Pa.

To the left is a hotel advertising "Beer" and "Oysters." Next is a building advertising Flour Grain Produce Commission, Hay Straw." There is a horse and wagon with a man in front taking on a load of barrels. Next right is "Newhall Depot House, Fruits Cakes Candy." Continuing to the right is an unidentified building. An unhorsed work wagon stands in front of this building. Next right is "#13 and #15 Stable" which appears to be the terminus for the horsecars. On the far right is the two-storey "Union Hotel & Dining Room." In addition to an awning installed the full width of the sidewalk, the United States flag flies from the roof. There are about eighteen adults in the scene.This image is continued in P.2298.33.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.032 /evans/lcp032.html
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