Broad Street -- Continuation , 1884

Opposite Old Baltimore Depot to Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

To the left of this street scene is a partial view of the Union Hotel advertising "Dining Room." Next right is a one-storey building advertising "Baggage, Peoples Express." This is followed by "The Largest Dry Good House," also captioned "Grand Depot." Next right is a two-storey building with "Wait for Barnum" painted across the windows. Next right is #1025, "M. W. Crowley, Dealer in Fine Old Rye Wheat Bourbon Whiskey." Next is a small, one-storey building which is not identified, followed by a fence covered with posters advertising "Wait For Barnum, Only White Elephant," and "Yates Fine Clothing." To the right is a yellow horsecar headed for the Navy Yard. Parallel tracks run along the street. There are about twelve people in this scene. This scene is a continuation of the view in P.2298.32.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.033 /evans/lcp033.html
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