Mower U. S. A. General Hospital, 1865

Chesnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa.

This is an aerial view of the Civil War hospital. It depicts the many wings of the hospital, the central administration building, numerous outbuildings and a two car train and its engine which facilitate transport of the sick and injured. Outside the fence there are two horses pulling a hay wagon, and four small train cars with a load of an unidentified commodity. The hospital is completely surrounded by a tall fence. The area is depicted in summer with all the neighboring trees in leaf and the surrounding fields are green. The roads into and within the hospital grounds are not paved. Written below the image: "Length of Corridor half mile; Acres enclosed 27; Circumference of grounds one mile; Capacity 3600."

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.049 /evans/lcp049.html
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