Broad Street and Germantown Road, 1875

Broad Street and Germantown Road, Philadelphia, Pa.

A two-storey white building carries a porch, also two-storey, across the full width of the front. The porch continues around to the right side. This porch is one-storey. On the roof is a sign identifying the building as "Markley's," a tavern. A broad dirt road leads to the hotel and divides to go to the right and left. On either side of the road are white fences enclosing grassy areas. The many trees are just beginning to show their spring leaves. There are two buildings in the rear to the left and right of Markley's. To the far left is a low open shed to cover horses and wagons. A single horse is tethered to a post. A man in a red shirt holds a saddled horse. Two men stand on the porch.

After a photograph by Robert Newell.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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