Candy Row, 1874

Pennsylvania Avenue, above Twenty-fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

The scene shows a row of ten wooden(?) attached buildings across the street from a broad railyard. Three have simple roofs protecting the entrances. The United States flag flies from the roof. The buildings carry signs for "J. Denby, Car Weaver," "J. Rostrum Importer of Common and Fancy Piegons(sic)"; "Agent for Inman Lines," and "J. Hart Tinman." A single boxcar in the railyard is identified "P & R, 922, Reading RR, 2298." A signalman waves a red flag. There are ten additional figures in the scene.A horsecar runs on Green Street to the far right. There is also a business advertising "Lager Beer."

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.065 /evans/lcp065.html
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