Northwest corner of Eleventh and Race Streets, 1883

Philadelphia, Pa.

Rebuilt by Jos. Newman, 1882 .

The "Lippincott Express & Transfer" business is housed in the corner building. In addition to the name, the words "25 cents" are painted on it. To the left the next building holds "Shur & McConnel House & Sign Painter." The word "Marble" is also on the second building. There is a large yard between the two buildings holding numerous standing items which appear to be headstones for graves. An obelisk is also in this yard. The next left building advertises "Furniture" on its awning. The the right is a double 2 1/2-storey red brick house. There are fourteen adults in the scene. The horsecar tracks of both streets intersect in the foreground. A streetlight and a drain are installed at the corner. The red sidewalk has a stone curb. Crosswalks are marked by great stone slabs.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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