Northeast corner of Juniper and Market Streets, 1879

Philadelphia, Pa.

A large two-storey white corner building advertises "City Hall Restaurant" and "Ladies & Gentlemens [sic] Restaurant." Painted on the awnings over the sidewalk is "Bass & Co. Ale." Painted on the Juniper Street wall is "Breakfast....; Dinner 12-6; Supper 6-10." "Lager Beer" is also advertised on the wall. A man leaning against this building is having his shoes shined. The next building to the right, facing Market Street, houses "Sharpless & Watts Ornamental Tile." To the far left on the corner of Silver Street is a building with "Lager Beer" at the third storey level. The No. 21 Darby Road horsecar also has the words "Market Street" and "West Philadelphia" on the side. There is a canvas covered wagon with a horse from which a man appears to be selling merchandise to a woman. An open, two-horse coach and driver carries two passengers. The horsecar tracks are evident as are two telegraph poles.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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