Southeast corner of Filbert and Juniper Streets, 1879

Philadelphia, Pa.

The corner building, facing Juniper Street houses the "Penn Square Advertising (?) Agency." The adjoining building on the same street holds the "Magistrate Court (Wm. Thorp, Magistrate)." To the far right, on the corner of Silver Street is a tavern (?) selling "Lager Beer." There is an awning extending over the sidewalk. There is a curbside hitching post. All the buildings are of red brick, as is the sidewalk which has stone curbing. A corner gas lamp, a fire hydrant, and a single hitching post are visible. A tree along the left margin is in full bloom, while the trees in the center of the scene are bare.There are ten people in the scene.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.073 /evans/lcp073.html
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