Number 1 to 2 New Bulkhead Wharf, Oct. 1879

West Side Schuylkill River, Extending North From Chestnut St. Bridge to Upper Side of Filbert St.. Site of Abutment for Elevated R. R. Bridge Penna. R. R., Philadelphia, Pa.

The Chestnut Street Bridge creates a horizon. A horsecar is crossing the bridge which has six lamp posts on it. A smaller wagon is also on the bridge. The Schuylkill River is in the foreground. There are several barges in view, two of them loaded with coal. A man steers the barge named "MaryAnn." A single man is in a loaded rowboat. On the shore in the background to the right of the scene are several red brick industrial buildings. Two are identified as "Brill Co. Car Builders" and "Lehigh Coal." Also on view are several telegraph poles, smokestacks and church steeples.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.077 /evans/lcp077.html
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