Southeast corner of Thirteenth and Filbert Streets, 1880

Southeast corner of Thirteenth and Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

To the left, on Filbert Street, is a two-storey yellow wooden building with green shutters. It is attached to a red brick building; the roof slopes down to the right. There is a display window at street level, but no merchandise is identified. Next right, on the corner, with the main entrance facing 13th Street, is a four-storey red brick building. A metal awning reaches to curbside across the full front of the building and around the corner onto Filbert Street to the mid-part of the building. Two men are loading numerous barrels onto a dray with two horses. A sign "Plumbing Gas Fitting" is attached to the right of this building. Next right is a fence with a key painted on it. The fence is attached to a one-storey wooden building housing "John Searle, Locksmith, Bell Hanger." Continuing to the right are three, 2 1/2-storey wooden buildings housing "Wo Long Laundry," a segar store, and a boot store. A red sign stands curbside advertising "Chinese Laundry." The segar store has a wooden Indian at its door. The boot store has a boot painted on a hanging sign. The frame for an awning stretches to curbside, from the locksmith shop to the boot store. An alley separates these businesses from a 3 1/2-storey townhouse. Horsecar tracks are laid on both streets. There are numerous adult pedestrians in this scene including two ladies with parasols crossing 13th Street.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.078 /evans/lcp078.html
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